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I am the kind of man who spends too much time basking in my own imagination. There are so many fantasies being lived in this big head of mine, so many stories that I wish I could I put to paper, so many ideas that I wish were true. Some range from being goals that are attainable through a little bit of hard work and effort and the rest are too far-fetched to even be conceivably possible. This article is going to focus on one of those imaginations that I know could never come true.

Have you ever wished you could be in charge of a film? Especially when it comes to a film based on a beloved product that you enjoy like a comic, book, or remake/reboot? Maybe you've been a fan of characters like Green Lantern or the Fantastic Four and you hate that their movies had to be tremendous flops and wish that they could have just been given a good movie and you know that you being in charge could have handled those movies well!

Maybe there's a book, comic, game, or a completely original idea that you have for a movie and you know that, because of your status in life, you will never be able to create that film.

These are the things I think about often when I drive an hour to work and an hour home: what if I could have complete freedom to create a film with no limits, no restraints, and no questions asked? What if I could create a live-action Avengers vs X-Men film despite the fact that the rights to the characters belong to two separate studios? What if I could create a live-action Marvel vs DC film even though that the two powerhouse companies would never do that kind of work together? What if I could create a good, lengthy, live-action Legend of Zelda series?

What would I need to make it possible? That is the impossible questions and this is my impossible mission: to create any movie I want with unchallenged freedom from the outside world!

But the mission isn't going to be easy, I need at least three unique traits/powers from others who have these gifts that I need. Let's look at who and what they are.

1. Tony Stark - His Genius and Ability to Create

In this fantasy of mine, there's a dome of some sort that sort of acts like the X-Men's "Danger Room" where it can create environments and/or scenarios out of anything whether it's an urban city environment, an apocalyptic future world, or a prehistoric jungle. If there's one man who could come close to building something like this on his own (blueprints and everything), it's Tony Stark.

The man gets an idea in his head and nothing short of killing the man is going to stop him from achieving his goal. His genius is so vast and his skills in building are top-notch, there's no denying that with that sort of mind and those sort of skills, I could put this project together. It would be a dome about the size of two or three football fields in circumference. I call it this project: Powerhouse.

Inside the Powerhouse, besides being able to generate any geographical environment I wish, I would have hundreds of cameras of different styles and sizes to float around and catch all of the impossible angles.

On top of that, I'd have a computer able to distribute all the final copies of my films in any format needed for any buyer to enjoy.

2. Madrox - His Ability to Duplicate Himself

You may ask me about getting actors and actresses in Powerhouse but to that I'd say it's too expensive and too much relies upon their schedule and availability. No, I need the powers of Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. I can work for myself for free and having as many me's as I want wouldn't be a bad thing. On top of the acting that all of the me's would provide for free, the labor for initially building Powerhouse would be covered by one (many) man with the intelligence and know-how of Tony Stark.

3. Mystique - Her Ability to Transform into Anyone

Of course, having me star in every role ranging from lead to extra would not be ideal. Believe me, I'm not that obsessed with myself. On top of having the brilliant mind of Tony Stark and the duplicating abilities of Jamie Madrox, I would need the transformation skills of Raven Darkholme aka Mystique.

This is the ideal power for casting whoever I wish in whatever role I want no matter the size, age, gender, race, or even voice/accent. All of the different versions of me could take a different shape and interact with each other in a very real way.

I wouldn't have to limit myself to just the actors though, cause let's face it, we've all gotten to a point in one of our fan-casts where we start drawing major blanks and don't know who to cast, yet we have the right idea of what type of person these characters are, so I could take the form of every day people if need be.

The Benefit of My Endeavors

Being able to enjoy high-quality films based on the things that I enjoy like comic books, novels, games, etc. Anything I want to watch, I'd have it ready at my disposal. All of the films would be as long as they need to be, nothing cut out from the original source material. I could create that Legend of Zelda Netflix series that I suggested so long ago or the live-action Star Wars Netflix series. I could recreate the entire 2000-2009 Ultimate Spider-Man comic series in live-action and have scene be panel for panel and every bit of dialogue be line-for-line. Or even do an original series of movies based on my own ideas of Iron Angel.

I wouldn't be selfish with this gift either, I'd take request and recommendations (for a small fee) and redistribute them across the world to all the fans who have a dream seeing their favorite characters come to life in a way they either haven't or never will or have a completely original idea for their own story.


That's all I have for this one. I just wish that I had total control to do any kind of film that I wanted, to keep the adaptations of things I enjoy true to the spirit of when and how they were created, to keep the original vision pure.

What do you guys think of my impossible mission? It may not be as noble as saving the universe or as sinister as taking it over, but it would be great to create something free from legality and rights issues to provide to the fans who deserve the very best.

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