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Karly Rayner

A swirling vortex of dating rumors have been circling around Serena Williams and Drake for years now, and it seems we might have our first piece of photographic evidence that the pair are indeed an item.

The tennis superstar and the singer were snapped cozying up in Soto restaurant in Cincinnati after Williams had just won a WTA tournament (would you ever expect anything less?), and it seems like they really could be more than just friends.

Williams and Drake have been linked by the media multiple times in the past and whisperings about the nature of their relationship even spurred on a rap beef with Serena's ex boyfriend Common. Neither of the pair have ever confirmed or denied that they are dating, but Drake has definitely poured petrol on the fire before with tweets like the one below from 2011:

Time will tell if these guys are really an item, but Drake's constant presence at Serena's major matches hints at something that might just be more than a passion for tennis.

(Source: TMZ)


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