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*Warning: Here there be spoilers (for seasons 3 & 4)*

"Season 4 holds all the answers" Marc Guggenheim promises in a painfully short promo for Arrow Season 4, but it looks like we're going to have to wait until the new season premiers on October 7th before we start getting closer to any of those answers.

Season 3 ended on an unusually happy note, but as Stephen Amell sarcastically said, "on our show nothing bad ever happens when people are super happy". Despite Amell's tenants of doom season 4 has been promised to be a lighter ride than the previous season, though that promise shouldn't be too difficult to follow through on given everything that happened the last time around.

But something else has piqued our interest regarding the upcoming season. In an interview with Amell a while back he was staying pretty tight lipped about what we'll be seeing in season 4. However he did mention five very important words that will surely form an important part of the upcoming season.

"H.I.V.E, Damian Darhk, Coast City."


H.I.V.E - originally "Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination" - is Darhk's organisation, a shadowy group similar to the League of Assassins but driven by Darhk's own personal agenda. Given that Darhk is going to be our antagonist, it's likely that we're going to get to know this mysterious organisation a little better in the coming season.

It was H.I.V.E who arranged for Deadshot to assassinate John Diggle's brother, Andrew, the why of which still remains unsolved and was a driving force behind Diggle's decision to join Team Arrow. Will season 4 see him finally taking revenge for his brother's death?

Damian Darhk

Tintin is that you?
Tintin is that you?
"Damien Darhk is a mysterious and sophisticated villain, and an adversary of the late Ra’s Al Ghul. Now the leader of his own clandestine group, this cunning foe will prove to be one of the Arrow’s greatest challenges."

We already know that Damian Darhk (portrayed by Neal McDonough), leader of H.I.V.E and former League of Assassins member is going to be Team Arrow's primary antagonist for season 4. Darhk is formerly a minor villain appearing in Teen Titans, so there's a pretty big spin being put on his character for Arrow. All we know so far is that he's dangerous; as well as being a tactical genius able to outwit Ra's al Ghul, as a former League member he'll be a skilled assassin, familiar with swordplay, martial arts and presumably bows as well.

It's not yet clear what his agenda is for Team Arrow, but whatever it is it's not going to be good.

Coast City

Coast City is mentioned a few times in both Arrow and its sister show The Flash; it's where McKenna Hall moved to after she was shot by Helena Bertinelli (Huntress) as it has the "best physical therapy facility" in the country.

In the DC canon, it's also where Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) lives.

In the comics Hal, Oliver and Barry Allen (The Flash) are all really close friends, both as civilians and superheroes. There's already an established link between Oliver and Barry through the crossover episodes, and Amell himself has said he'd like to see Green Lantern being introduced to the show.

Does this mean we might eventually get a Green Lantern show? I certainly hope so, but it's possible that the references could just be Easter Eggs for DC fans. Regardless it would be great to see Hal Jordan making an appearance at some point, and the combined forces of Arrow, The Flash and Green Lantern would certainly be a sight to behold.

What do you want to see in Arrow season 4? Let us know in the comments!


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