ByArshad Khan, writer at
Arshad Khan
...n 3. It was okay, but, should've been better like the previous seasons. More of detective deduction by the character Sherlock, like in the stories of Conan Doyle. I wanted to see more of his brother aiding Sherlock in solving cases. In the books, he too is a genius, like Dr. Watson helping out. I hope the long wait is worth it or it is the end of Sherlock. Moffat should concentrate on more detective cases for Sherlock to solve and not write a story for romance. In the books Sherlock is more of a reclusive character. Moffat failed to address this and wrote a piece about Sherlock being someone else. When I read the stories of Sherlock, it gets you inside his head, wanting to deduce the case yourself and it makes you ponder how brilliant Sherlock's character is. Conan Doyle created a mastermind detective, alongside him Dr Watson and his brother and a super genius villian nemesis, Prof. Moriarity. A few other good characters like his landlady and Lestrad. No Moriarity in season 4, it is doomed from the onset. I love these fictional characters and as a writer; Moffat fails to appreciate how great these characters are to the story.

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