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The Mafia series has always prided itself on the focus it placed on narrative. While Mafia 2's story didn't equal that of the first game, it was still an excellent campaign to engage with. I really admire the direction that Hangar 13 took with Mafia 3 though. Rather than setting the game from within the mafia crime organisation and in a familiar New-York-Like setting, we're taking down the Mafia in New Orleans - brilliant!

However, we're wondering whether Mafia 3 will have any narrative connections with the games that have preceded it. But what fans are really interested to see is (spoiler alert) what exactly happened to Joe at the conclusion of Mafia 2. And while the game may not have explicitly wrapped things up, I don't think that Mafia 3 should focus on the past too much. This is a new city, with new lives, and a different kind of protagonist to play as.

Mafia 3
Mafia 3

Should Mafia 3 Connect With the Ending to Mafia 2 on Release Date?

Personally, I always saw the conclusion to Mafia 2 as an homage to The Sopranos. The Sopranos is basically the godfather of television (PUN TIME) and what I believe to be the greatest TV show ever made. Seeing as Mafia 2 had obvious similarities with the show, I felt like its conclusion was referencing that of The Sopranos. For those of you who've seen it, you'll know of its famous ambiguity!

We're unsure what exactly is going to take place in the last episode of this incredible show and we never will find out for sure, due to the way that David Chase had it cut to black. But it's a similar situation; we pretty much know what's going to happen. And I think Mafia 2 has that same quality. (Spoiler Alert) We all know that Joe is being driven to his death. Vito wasn't going to force them to turn around and he wasn't going to shoot everyone in the car. Joe wasn't part of the deal and Vito had to live with that fact.

Vito Scaletta is in Mafia 3!

HOWEVER, Vito does actually appear in Mafia 3. The time difference between the two games is relatively small. Therefore, the concluding events of Mafia 2 will have happened fairly soon for Vito. In Mafia 3 we play as Lincoln Clay, and we'll have the ability to recruit whoever we desire to form up our gang. Vito Scaletta is one of those people. And if we're on a campaign to take down the Mafia, I think it's safe to assume that he's out for revenge for Joe's death.

But would you have preferred that the game focus on Vito exclusively? Are you happy with the game's progression from being within the Mafia, to wanting to take it down? Do you like the sound of the New Orleans setting? Think of all that jazz! Let us know where you stand in the comments!


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