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James Wood

The most tense, atmospheric and jaw dropping movie of the year, Godzilla is breathless entertainment, phenomenal from start to end and it does more than enough to wipe any memories you have of the cheesy 1998 version, this is Gareth Edward's love letter to monster cinema with plenty of heart and emotion to anchor the spectacle, this is why we watch film.

When a deadly monster is unleashed upon Earth after years of captivity, the king of monsters Godzilla rises to restore balance, leaving a wake of destruction in his path as he battles his foes, leaving the world powers with a plan to wipe out these creatures. It's obvious most viewers will be dying to see the big beasty but there's an hour wait before you even catch a glimpse, thankfully that first hour is filled with compelling human drama with characters that are worth digging for, instead of disposable characters that just run amok which seems to be the norm lately. I wouldn't go as far to say there is heart at the centre of this epic, but rather character resonance, the will to fight and emotion, especially seen when Ford ventures high and low to get back to his wife and son.

The cast are highly capable, I love the fact most of them bare a terrified in awe type expression as they look up to see the might of numerous creatures. Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins are utterly engrossing as they explain the origins of the monsters, they fill each sentence with power and fear and they have some of the best lines. An all round top cast, getting involved in the chaos and terror, a big thumbs up for all of them.

Gareth Edwards has moved on big time from his 2010 hit Monsters, which I personally found a load of rubbish but there's no denying he has skill and passion and you can see that in this megalodon of a movie. His master style is the silence, he puts you right up close to mist or dust clouds, there is no sound but the breeze, you are dreading and fearing what might happen and then suddenly Edwards let loose, Godzilla's roar is a piece of cinematic beauty, hearing the echo tremble for the first time sends chills down your spine and your jaw to drop. I think this film has the finest sound design I've heard in a long time, it is tremendous, listening to the Muto call and growl is fierce and harrowing, you simply have to experience it for yourself.

The Hawaii encounter is so masterfully paced and calm you are taken by surprise when the dust settles, the flare guns fly and Godzilla comes into view. The destruction, explosions and collapsing buildings rival the enormity and scale in The Avengers and Transformers 3 finales, and that is a statement when you see the colossal size of them. Godzilla will truly unleash the inner child in you, it's overwhelming and tremendous, much like seeing a blockbuster for the first time again and in 3D the size feels even bigger and closer, I cannot express how marvellous this movie is.


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