Byjohn sapra, writer at

I'm one of the many that thought Terminator Genisys was a fantastic film in its own right. Not oscar caliber or high art...but did it deliver action, comedy, heart, and excitement? Definitely! It was as good or better than Avengers Age of Ultron or Jurassic World..The people that argue that the plot was too convoluted, frankly aren't the brightest bulbs in the shed. It was very easy to follow and I had no confusion as to what happened. Arnold and Emilia Clarke were great, Jai Courtney was ok, and I really liked what Jason Clarke did with the John Connor role. If you look at the CinemaScore of B+ and IMDB rating of 6.9-7, no one can argue that the majority of people liked the film. The critics coming at the film like attack dogs clearly do not understand what makes an entertaining film.
That being said, there were some things that need to improve for a sequel: I wouldn't be hurt if the Kyle Reese role was recast with a stronger actor or one who has better chemistry with Emilia Clarke. Also, the CGI could have been a little better. Otherwise, the world has shown that there's plenty of interest left in Terminator, and bring on the sequel! Screw anyone that thinks otherwise :P


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