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last night i went to watch paper towns in the theater and i have got to admit that it did not live up to my expectations but i still loved's how it was an extremely satisfying and an unsatisfying movie at the same time. now the thing is that the movie was great. it had good acting and good dialogue and most of the characters were likable but could be annoying sometimes. now my problem with paper towns was that it surprised me and kinda not in a good way ,now before you read ahead let me warn you that this might contain information you didn't already know in other words there may be a spoiler or two but nothing that would ruin all the suspense and the excitement for the film. so the movie was meant to revolve around Quinton and Margo and how Margo goes missing and Quinton goes to find her following the clues she leaves him. given that plot you start to imagine all the different ways the movie could end and where she might be but the way the movie ended was just kind of disappointing and yes, i have not read the books so maybe that is why it was such a shocker for me but i was just shocked of how differently the movie ended then i had thought it would. But still the movie was very entertaining and i would call it a masterpiece because it was realistic and it stuck to reality, it wasn't the ending we all might have wanted to see but its just sort of a reminder of how life doesn't always work out the way you want it to and sometimes happy endings can mean something other than everything being perfect and just riding off into the sunset, holding hands with your 'lover'. it was a realistic movie with a realistic ending and some people may disagree and they can, this is my point of view and its the right point of view :P anyways if you like realistic movies this one's for you and if your not much of a 'realistic movie' person , i think you'd still like it because everything is very well balanced and its exciting and entertaining and you'll be surprised at the very least.what i really liked about the film was that nothing was over the top, the romance wasn't too cheesy and not too passionate for their age everything had great balance which made the film and the characters more believable and relate-able. i gave the movie a 9.5 out of 10 and i would definitely recommend it.


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