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There are so many cool characters in movies, animated or live-action. They can either help our favorite heroes save the day or cause so much mayhem we can't help but love them! Well now that ligers are a real creature we can only hope that some of our other favorite movie creatures come to life!


This hilarious, happy and seemingly mild mannered character from The Lego Movie would be the perfect pet! She would definitely be there to have fun with you but the moment you need her, she'd have your back! Just don't be the one to make her mad!


Katniss probably wouldn't be too fond of this choice but we can't deny that having jabberjays and mockingjays around would be awesome (if used for the right purposes that is)! Minus the fact that they were originally created for purposes of spying on potential rebels, the jabberjays could be used for easier means of communication! Just think! No cell phone reception? Need to remember something later? Use a jabberjay! Not to mention the mockingjays' song is so beautiful!


Hercules' best friend and sidekick Pegasus would be an awesome creature to have in real life! Forget about buying a car, just fly to work on the back of your very own Pegasus!


What other reason do we need to want one of these cute, lovable creatures than just to give it hugs!? Not to mention they'd be there to defend you no matter what you're up against anything or anyone that tries to harm you!

House Elves

Putting house elves (free ones at least) on this list seemed way too obvious but how could I not? They would be loyal, obedient friends and you could probably get them to do your homework or clean your room for you if you asked nice enough.

What creature would you add to the list?

There are plenty of creatures out there from unicorns to dragons and beyond. Let me know what creature you would like to have in the comments!


Which creature would you want to have in real life?


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