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Although the last nautical outing was a bit of a canonball dive for , Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has set sail on that long voyage to the silver screen. We've been promised ghost pirates, we've been promised Poseidon, we've been promised a Jack Sparrow who definitely isn't even a little bit tired of his constant adventuring. And, in a thrilling new twist to the tale, it was revealed in the latest trailer that we'll even get a reunion as Will Turner returns to his seafaring ways in .

Orlando Bloom's a big player in the franchise game, but now that The Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit films are finally over, he needs something to fill his days. Which is good news for fans: In Dead Men Tell No Tales we'll finally see what happened to Will Turner after he took on the role of Davy Jones. But what of Elizabeth Swann?

Elizabeth Returns In Dead Men Tell No Tales

It's hard to imagine Will without the love of his life. Elizabeth and Will's tales have been entwined from the very beginning, and their romance was one of the main focuses of the original trilogy. While Jack Sparrow has proven he can captain his own ship (no matter what dubious quality that story may be), can Will sail on without Elizabeth as his anchor?

Elizabeth and Will at the end of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3'. [Credit: Disney]
Elizabeth and Will at the end of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3'. [Credit: Disney]

Officially, the fiery socialite-turned-pirate will not be gracing our screens in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Keira Knightley seems to have moved on to bigger (better?) things, or so she told BBC Radio 2 back in 2014.

"My time has definitely passed, I loved it, it was an amazing experience but I won't be going back."

Saying she had "no idea" about the latest Pirates sequel, Knightley made it clear she would not be reprising her role of Elizabeth any time soon. Or so we thought.

[Updated: 05/26/2017]

Despite her protestations to the contrary, Knightley seems to have had a change of heart from when she last commented on the issue in 2014. Now that the movie has been released, we know that Elizabeth plays a small role in the film, reuniting with Will once the Davy Jones curse is broken.

The Japanese trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales hinted at this plotline, with a quick shot of Elizabeth Swann looking into the distance.

So where exactly is Elizabeth in this shot — is she on the same island, waiting for Will's return? Or is she embarking on her own adventure?

As it turns out, we don't get to discover what Elizabeth has been up to in the 10 odd years since At World's End. Despite the fact that she was arguably the protagonist of the first Pirates trilogy, with the majority of the plot focusing on her journey from scared debutante to pirate king, the plot of Dead Men Tell No Tales largely ignores Elizabeth, never revealing what she thought of her son Henry's mission to free Will Turner from the curse. Instead, Elizabeth is reduced to her role as Will's love interest, only appearing so that he gets a satisfying conclusion to his story — and lacking any agency or plot of her own. Yikes.

Couldn't agree more, Elizabeth. [Credit: Disney]
Couldn't agree more, Elizabeth. [Credit: Disney]

While this is infuriating for fans of the original trilogy, it's highly likely that Elizabeth's brief appearance in Dead Men Tell No Tales was due to Kiera Knightley's commitments — and her desire not to get sucked into endless sequels. It seems probable that after her statement in 2014, Disney approached Knightley again with a reduced role in Pirates 5, which she agreed to.

Whether she will appear in the two movies Disney have planned to follow Pirates 5 remains to be seen — especially considering the movie's poor critical and financial reception. Here's hoping that any subsequent Pirates movies will give Elizabeth the return she deserves, and a fate that is somewhat greater than hanging around waiting for Will to get back.


Would you like to see Elizabeth Swann return in 'Pirates 5'?

(Source: BBC Radio 2 via The Mirror)


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