ByAbdelrahman Oraby, writer at

We all know the famous Batman Arkham series that Rocksteady made and the series was FANTASTIC! Batman is a very popular character in the superhero universe,if not the most popular,but what if Rocksteady and DC Entertainment give a chance to a less popular character? A super fast human, a scarlet speedster, that's right he's... The Flash, Barry Allen. Imagine a game where you can accelerate at the speed of light and fight villains like Professor Zoom, Gorilla Grodd, Heatwave, Captain Cold etc. That would be awesome right, and in a sequel of the game we are introduced to new speedsters (Wally West, Bart Allen, Max Mercury). It'd be so cool.

He could also have some alliances at some point with Green Lantern since they're best friends or any other superhero. You're probably thinking, "Why not Superman? He's more popular." Well, let me put it this way, if you play as superman fighting villains it'd be so hard to die except from boss villains. Sure it'd be fun to experience the flight power and other powers, but really history says that every superman game made was a DISASTER! Besides, we have to give the less popular characters a chance right? Let me know what do you think about a Flash game in the Batman Arkham Series style?


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