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Applying a Michael Myers style twist to his proposal, Alec Wells successfully scared the shit out of his girlfriend with his unique take on a traditionally romantic gesture.

On October 25th of last year, Mr. Wells decided to add a little sadism to his serenade by dressing up as the Halloween serial murderer, Michael Myers, and jumping out at his potential bride-to-be from behind a fence.

Alec explained on his YouTube post:

"On October 25th, Katherine was on a spooky tour of Halloween filming locations. It's then that Alec decided to give her a real shock..."

For a second it seemed that his creative request for her hand in marriage was going to end in tears of fear, rather than emotion. However, Katherine was clearly loving it and proved that she's up for taking a stab at marriage as (spoiler alert) she said yes!

Watch his individual proposal here:

The proposal serves as a loving reminder for all fans out there eagerly awaiting the upcoming Halloween reboot or, rather, "recalibration," which is currently in the works.

(Source: Comic Book)


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