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There is something so satisfying about horror films making us feel like we're going to meet our demise walking around the corner of the hallway in the house. Unless that's just me...BUT, there is also something satisfying about the fact that most horror films are works of fiction, or we have the ability to say "better them than me".

However, over the last few days, true, unescapable terror has stricken in the town of Gastonia, North Carolina.

It has yet to be proven as a threat or a prank, but there is an unidentified person dressed in a floor-length cloak wandering around a local apartment complex. This person has also allegedly been seen dropping raw meat off at playgrounds in the area...what?!

The cloaked figure caught on camera
The cloaked figure caught on camera

The entire horrific scenario was addressed when a spokesperson for the local police department, Donna Lasher, said "It could have come from anywhere, we don't know if this is some bogus prank someone is playing."

One of the first thoughts that I had about the situation was "hey, maybe they're giving us some good material as a promo for a new horror movie coming out!" except I'm pretty sure I haven't heard anything about a cloaked figure bringing raw meat to a place where children spend their free time.

Local authorities and neighbors in the area are attempting to identify the culprit, as their identity cannot be determined by the (creepy) pictures that are circulating around the internet.

The first photo that surfaced of the cloaked figure
The first photo that surfaced of the cloaked figure

All I can say about this is that I desperately hope that this is a prank...or the beginning of an awesome horror film! (Midnight Meat Train, anyone?)

In any case, stay safe out there, Gastonia!

Source: E! Online


Do you guys think this is a prank?


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