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The first episode of the animated series Vixen came out earlier today, and it's starting off pretty well, considering that the episode was only four minutes long.

Watch Vixen Episode 1 Here On CW SEED

The scene starts with a slight flash-forward in time, having Mari McCabe being chased on rooftops by both The Arrow and The Flash, and being able to avoid their every attempt to subdue her, ultimately ending when she slips off a corner and plummets towards the ground. Then things get back to present day, with Mari getting bailed out of jail by her foster father, the two catching up while she talks about her fashion designer interview that went poorly earlier and the episode ends with tensions high as the pair get stuck up for Mari's necklace.

The first episode did a fairly good job of explaining the context of Mari's life without throwing it in the audiences faces. Through the future confrontation they know that her powers come through her totem and give her the abilities of the animal kingdom, shown by the animal shadows when she moves. They also explain her backstory as being into fashion and not knowing her birth parents, as well as explaining that she hasn't been in contact with her foster dad for a while and her foster mother has passed away. Finally the importance of her family totem is shown as well, as the robbers who hold up the both of them show no interest in money, only the totem, showing that they may be working for somebody else. This also draws back to her encounter with the officer at the station while she was picking up her belongings, and makes the viewer realize that he probably wasn't getting a last minute item for his wife, but instead was probably also working for the same mysterious individual.

Visually the show looks really good, when it comes to backgrounds, animation, and character design (maybe with the exception of Arrow's lips/mouth, I have no idea what was going on there). All in all Vixen is proving to be a very interesting show so far, and brings the expectation that the rest of the season is going to be even better.


What did you think of the episode?


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