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Hussain Talib

Hi Guys. You already know me by name, so I'll leave that.

I'm a regular young adult who just wants to know what he wants to do best. That's probably the best way to describe me. So, with that aside, I want to talk about what I want to do and what do I want to achieve. With that being said...

I want to be an Author... Or an Archaeologist... Well, whatever works...

As stated above, I have thoughts about writing a story and It's been passing on my mind ever since I was 10. From what I know in the past, my prime motivation was role-playing with my brother and cousin and this is where I developed my imagination. So, here is a story that I wanted to Work on for a really long time;

Scourge of Crisis

Well, this was the ORIGINAL title.
Well, this was the ORIGINAL title.

Previously known as "Crisis Oblivion" I changed the name after some thinking, considering that "Oblivion" would not really strike well due to the source material. Also, I am keeping the genre and any details private until I have completed a great deal of progress. And lastly, the current name "Scourge of Crisis" can be changed at any point, but we'll see in the future (Well, It's an adventure story)...

Another story that I've been penning to write comes straight out of my interest in dinosaurs (And why there is a cover picture of an Ankylosaurus and Triceratops);

Hell Creek

Named after the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and Dakota, the story focuses on several different dinosaurs and animals that lived there 68.5-65 MYA. In addition, the story will NOT take place in the K-T Mass Extinction and will instead feature how each fauna interacted with each other and will be episodic, centring on different animals every chapter. The aforementioned Ankylosaurus and Triceratops will be featured, along with the T. rex and various others.

Finally, some extras I would like to talk about.

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I started my writing on three years ago and somewhat became a success, having inspired a few to write dinosaur stories like mine. But unfortunately, I gave up and went into a large writers block :(.

But there is light. I could get back and I could focus is given the chance. I would like support from anyone and I would like some help and constructive criticism to help build up myself. Anyway, thanks for reading and considering this is a first for me, I'll make sure to do better.

Comment below and let me know :).


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