ByNathan Eversole, writer at

I love Bond movies, I will watch any of them that happen to be on the air and I have my favorite Bond actor just as most do. In 1995 I was a mere 11 years old and Goldeneye had just been released and sparked 3 obsessions in me simultaneously: love of action movies, love of older women (Famke Janssen), and love of BMWs. It is true that the other 3 Brosnan films are not nearly as good, although Tomorrow Never Dies was a pretty good film, Goldeneye absolutely embodies all that is Bond and Brosnan did a remarkable job portraying the debonair spy and romantacizing the spy world for me and millions of others.

Fast forward to 2015 and it has been over 12 years since Brosnan has passed the torch to Daniel Craig, who has made some rather good Bond movies himself. After seeing Pierce in Mama Mia I questioned whether he still had anything of Bond left in him. Then I saw Survivor a month ago and all doubt had been removed. Admittedly I am not the best Brosnan fan as I have not seen any of Remington Steele nor have I seen November Man (both are on my to watch list) but I do have a deep appreciation of Bond and Brosnan's portrayal of 007 and I think a one film Brosnan reprisal would be a magical thing.


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