BySagar Sarma, writer at
Engineer by profession, Comic Geek By Heart
Sagar Sarma

Cartoons pretty much made up our childhood. They not only made us laugh or cry, but also taught us some important life lessons which resonanted in the later parts of our life.

1. Enjoy the scenery

Life these days has become a never ending race. Bugs Bunny taught us that instead of trying to win the mad race, it is better to slow down and enjoy the race while it lasts longer because life may never offer you the same thing twice.

2. The power of friendship

Now its frank to agree that friends add a flavour to our life that makes it more interesting. What could we possibly do without them?

3. The Mask

Sometimes is okay to be crazy and let your wild side out.

4. Take a break from the noise

If you think that technology is the only path to lead your life, you are probably wrong. Life without technology and gadgets could be interesting too.

5.Overcoming Fear

There is no harm in being afraid. The real harm happens when you don't overcome them and move forward in your life.


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