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With CW Seed’s animated series Vixen’s first episode streaming to computers and mobile devices everywhere the DC Comics TV Universe has officially added another hero to their ever growing comic book roster. Check out what series star Megalyn Echikunwoke has to say about joining the CW/DC Universe.

Vixen based on the comic character by the same name is a 6 episode animated web mini-series. With confirmed voice acting appearances by CW stars Steven Amell, Grant Gustin, Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, and Carlos Valdes from both Arrow and The Flash, viewers will quickly recognize the universe created by these two hit shows, leaving them with no doubt that Vixen is part of their world. While all of that star power is a great way to establish the project, ultimately the show’s success rests on the shoulders of Vixen herself played by actress Megalyn Echikunwoke.

The series star sat with to discuss her new show and this week’s launch. Here’s a few of the highlights.

What’s it’s like joining the established DC Comics CW Universe?

“Vixen is a superhero that I have always wanted to exist, but I didn't know she actually existed, so getting to play this and coming on is kind of like jumping on a bullet train. The fans are so excited and they're so rabid for the stories and everyone knows so much more about it than I do, so I am just playing catch-up.”

So what makes Vixen the type of character you always wanted to exist? Is it race or her cultural background or the character’s backstory?

“Yeah. That, and that there was just a great, black, female superhero for all the brown kids who need superheroes, too.” Echikunwoke continued, “I think it's really cool that the world gets this superhero because she's black, she's young, she has an interesting story but she's still very all-American, which isn't unlike my own story, so I can relate to her, and she also inspires me.”

Does she hope to make the jump to live action down the line? The studio could have chosen a different actress if it was just voice work, but the choice of Echikunwoke who looks the part seems significant.

“Right. Yeah, I think that was kind of the impetus behind hiring me, just to have that option. Of course, we don't know and I think it's all based on how well this animated series does and how rabid the fans are for more Vixen. I'd love to play Vixen in live action; I'm into it.”

Will there be any familiar villainous faces from the DC Universe appearing on Vixen?

“I think they might be original. I think they're trying to do new things with this series, and they're trying out new things that will come as the series and the characters go forward.”

The interview goes on with Echikunwoke talking about the advantages of debuting Vixen this way vs a cameo on the live shows , and if the 4 minute format is long enough to tell the heroes story. You can read the rest of the here at

I had a chance to watch the first episode this morning and I’ll post my review later today. Let me know what you think CW has already said no new comic book shows are being developed but could Vixen appear on Arrow or The Flash or become part of the Legends of Tomorrow leave your thoughts in the usual place.



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