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Before I begin I have to remind you all that I am a HUGE Batman fan and am a huge fan of the comics, arkham games, and original film. Also, I am NOT trying to make you dislike the films, I'm simply stating my opinions, you have yours and I have mine. Oh and there will be a shit ton of spoilers for the trilogy.

I really am not a fan of these films, which saying that today (3 years after the last one) is still a very controversial thing to say. So before you go apeshit and bash my thoughts and opinions, hear me out.

Most of the Villains

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Most of the villains in the Dark Knight trilogy were either thrown in just to have multiple villains or sucked ass. Let's just go over the 4 main villains of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Bane - I'm not even a big fan of comic Bane, Arkham Bane, etc and I really hate this Bane. He has some really great lines, but the problem is his voice ruins any chance of actually understanding the lines. I honestly have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they gave him this stupid voice.

The Joker - He's okay. That's really it honestly. He's just way too dark and I honestly really don't like his laugh. Now people are going to come on here and yell "Hey! You can't insult this joker because Heath Ledger is dead and this was his final performance!" Here's the thing though, just because an actor died, doesn't mean everything he did before is great. Hell I don't even really like most of Heath Ledger's other roles to be honest. Oh and The Dark Knight isn't his last role. "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" was his final film.

Ra's al Ghul - Perfect casting. Honestly he's my favorite villain on the trilogy because of how beyond perfect this casting is. Liam Neeson does a damn good job with the role and is probably my second favorite casting of the trilogy.

Scarecrow - He's the only villain to appear in all three films and boy does he suck the big one. Why the hell is he wearing a god damn sack mask and why does he get taken down by a taser?

The Plot Holes

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There's so many god damn plot holes in the trilogy. From minor to big holes, there's a lot of them. Notice how in The Dark Knight Joker just wants chaos? Well then why the hell is Joker making so many long and complicated plans? If you want chaos? Just blow up buildings or gun down something. Yes I get that the joker in The Dark Knight was trying to screw around with Batman but I mean come on then why is he saying chaos this, chaos that. While not really a plot hole it's still worth mentioning.

Also there's the really famous plot hole about how the hell was Bruce Wayne able to get from the Pit back to Gotham? Yes he's a billionaire but he has nothing that proves his identity and considering how the pit is located in the middle of the desert. I'm not going to continue on about this plot hole though because everyone knows about it.

Also the citizens of Gotham City are complete idiots. In the trilogy it's shown they hate rich billionaires/millionaires but don't care when Bane shows up, blows up a football field (which btw is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen), multiple bridges, and now promises anarchy in Gotham? What the hell? Also when Bane talks about the letter they all believe him...why? Why would you believe him? I mean yes the letter is real but they don't know that. They're just blindly listening to a random brute that blew up a lot of their stuff.

I'd talk about more plot holes but I'll let you look them up for yourselves since that'd take forever for me to talk about all of them.

The Fight Scenes

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The Fight scenes for most of the trilogy in my opinion really suck. In Batman Begins they're way too up close so you can barely tell what's going on. The Dark Knight's fight scenes were good for the most part. The Dark Knight Rises however has terrible fight scenes that look faker then Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin.

Seriously look at this fight scene. Also why the hell is Gordon driving the Batmobi- wait...the Tumbler? What the hell. So there's no Batmobile in The Dark Knight Trilogy? Well at least there's only one tumbler so it's unique to Bat-

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Oh god dammit.

Good Things in the Dark Knight Trilogy

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Some of the casting is really good. I mean spot on casting. Gary Oldman as Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred, and Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face were all amazing (even though Two-Face was only thrown in the trilogy just to have more villains). Some of the effects are really good like Two-Face....Two-Face...and...the vehicles? Oh and the Batsuit isn't awful.


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Overall I don't like the Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman Begins sucks, The Dark Knight was good, nothing special, and The Dark Knight Rises is god awful.
Oh and the Batman voice is awful.

Join me next time where I'll be reviewing Sinister II.

And oh god, it's really fucking bad.


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