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The Flash is speeding its way to becoming one of the best superhero shows out there right now. Fans are sprinting their way into the fandom and reviews are just growing better and better.

Have you ever wondered about who Grant Gustin had to beat for the role or other easter eggs you probably missed? I bet you did! With only six weeks left until our favorite speedster returns to the small screen, here are 6 things you might of not known about The Flash!

1. John Wesley Shipp, who plays Barry's dad in The Flash was also the scarlet speedster in the 1990s show The Flash!

2. Grant had to beat Matt Barr and James Mackay for the role of The Flash!

3. In the comics, Iris and Barry get married and Iris' nephew, Wally West, suffers the same events as Barry!

4. Linda Park, one of Barry's love interests we saw on The Flash, is the love interest of Wally West.

5. When we first saw Barry on Arrow, he was carrying a magazine advertising the particle accelerator.

6. The show frequently hinted at Cisco potentially becoming his superhero alter ego Vibe!

(Source IMDb)


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