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Love seems to be the center of many story lines and ideas on the show Once Upon a Time. It is what drives people to turn dark, what brings them back from the dark side, and what binds everyone together; whether it's love for a family member, friend or significant other.

Two ships passing
Two ships passing

One couple that has had to deal with a lot during the show's run is Captain Hook and Emma Swan. Starting off as enemies, they grew close and finally ended up together at the beginning of Season 4. However, here we are going into Season 5 and Emma has become the Dark One. While this might cause issues between the two characters, some behind the scenes images might suggest otherwise.

While in a lot of the promo pictures, as well as behind the scenes shots, Emma is dressed in dark clothes, lately images have surfaced where she is dressed in pure white

That in and of itself is not really that big of a deal, but this also brings to mind that a lot of the time Hook and Emma's story has a lot of parallel's to that of her parents Snow White and Prince Charming, reiterating that their love is true.

So when I saw this picture...

...Where Hook appears to be holding a ring it immediately called to mind this:

Snow wearing a snow-white dress and cloak, Charming wearing a red outfit, and them getting engaged after many battles with darkness trying to tear them apart.

Even the hair is styled very similarly, driving home the point that this could be a pivotal and emotional scene.

Or it could just be a fan reading too much into it. After all, she is the Dark One. It could be a trick, or even a dream that is going on in her or Hook's head. Either way, it looks like it could be a scene that fans of the pair will love, and another exciting development for the new season of Once.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, September 27th to ABC


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