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Rumors are suggesting that WB is putting the sequel to Man of Steel on hold definitely. Even though last week Jon Schnepp - the filmmaker behind the documentary The Death Of Superman Lives- dropped the rumor that George Miller directing Man of Steel 2 is a done deal, recent reports are saying otherwise. Reports are also saying that since WB was so blown away by Ben Affleck's performance as Batman that they are already mapping a list of solo movies for Batman with Ben as the star. Now this doesn't mean that Man of Steel 2 is not happening, it could simply mean that since DC's movie slate is just so full that they need time and space to fit Man of Steel 2 in that schedule or are just simply being patience for writers to find possible story ideas for the sequel. But there does seem to be truth that George Miller is gonna direct a future DC movie in the upcoming future as rumors are suggesting he is talking to WB about what DC movie to helm. Superman fans don't worry as WB will likely move on with a Man of Steel sequel as it was a box office success and is simply just waiting for the right time to fit it in their plans. But just take this rumor with a grain of salt and look out for more information in the near future.

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Will a Man of Steel sequel happen?


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