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The Supermoon made Liam almost kill Scott, also so said for him.

Let's start:

Scott: He was weak, but this time because of the wolfbane, even with wolfsbane and asma he almost won against Liam who has angry issues and who was sad and angry. So yeah but he did dies because of Theo, but he came back, and he will give his pack hope in 5B and Scott and Stiles will work on their friendship, Stiles will get a bit more sarcastic, Scott will get stronger too. And his pack will be a little bigger.

Stiles: He and Scott broke up, but he had to choose, and chose his Father, right decision, cause he would have died, and Scott still had a chance.

Lydia: She found out about Parrish and she is almost dead on the fround because of Theo.

Malia: Reason why she trusts Theo so easy is because he is a were-coyote too, he has the parts, and is their first succes. She also knew about Stiles killing Donovan and wants to kill her Mother.

Theo: He was strong, but also he is a were-coyote and were-wolf and full wolf and maybe something like a banshee too, cause he always knows everything, what will happen and whatever. He is a chimera, but is bearly even human.

What will happen in 5B?

Jordan Parrish eyes turn red, he is a Hellhound what means when he can control himself he is an Alpha. But he can still be in the pack what will happen, also even when he can control himself, his eyes will turn red and he will take the bodies, but remember it. Parrish will have a full part in 5B, bigger han 5A and he was ine every episode, i hope he will turn in a full Hellhound.

Theo will be rival 1.1 and the Dread Doctors 1.2 and the next succes 1.3. Haha no rival 2. "La bete" is a mix of Full Alpha and Hellhound, cause only fire could kill Peter as a full Alpha. And when a Full Alpha can control power it doesn't look good, the DD's probably move everywhere to get their succeses and at the end have a pack, but Theo isn't really very helpfull. Ha ha. Theo and his pack Tracy, Corey, hayden and Josh will fight Scott's pack, cause Theo wants them all dead. Scott will give Liam hope and Stiles and him will work on their friendship. Malia will get back into the pack next. Parrish will help Scott because he wants to find Lydia after a time when she ends up in Eichen House, Kira will have to work on her Dark Kitsune in 5B. Mason will give Liam a bit hope too.

So in little words:

  • 1- Scott will try to give his pack hope, and be stronger than ever.
  • 2- Kira will be focusing on her Dark Kitsune, and try to figure everything out.
  • 3- Parrish will try to control himself with help of Lydia and the pack.
  • 4- 10 episodes for 4 rivals
  • 5- Malia Vs The desert Wolf (Help of Deaton)
  • 6- Parrish, Lydia and Scott Vs Le Bete
  • 7- Scott and the pack Vs The Dread Doctors
  • 8- The Packs Vs Theo's pack
  • 9- Scott and Stiles Vs Theo
  • 10- Jackson's return

Jackson was seen on set for 5B.


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