ByMarlene T Waldron, writer at
Marlene T Waldron
For almost 2 seasons, TWD's 'canon' was that one needed to be bitten or scratched by a walker to turn into one. If Georgia is one of the first states hit (if you call this phone number for ''Woodbury" a woman talks to you about the situation there, it's awesome!) how come our heroes from the original show never knew about it being airborne until Jenner revealed it to Rick and he told everyone @ the end of season 2? But the very first episode of FTWD shows at least THREE "natural" (non walker related) deaths that result in walkers. First is Gloria. My assumption is that she died, possibly OD'd. My assumption is based on the fact there was no other walker in the church when she was found munching down on the guy on the ground. There was another victim in the stairwell (who was no longer there when Travis and Madison were investigating). I believe that the old guy that coded also turned in the hospital. Did you see the look of stark terror that the nurse had when the parents went to the hospital to ask about Nick??? She was scared sh*tless and saw something REALLY bad go down with the two recent deaths on that floor. Of course, we know that Nick accidentally kills Calvin and he returns, resulting in our heroes realizing that some serious stuff is going down!! ! I wondered how the kid with the knife was watching the news and keeping up on the internet but the adults knew nothing about what was going on?? No one was noticing or did they just not worry? ! Where are all of these walkers that are being created? People are disappearing all over the city and they're vanishing. At least 3 walkers at the church disappeared in the 24 hrs between Nick discovering Gloria and when his mom and Travis appear to investigate around the church.

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