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I'm sure we all have our favorite super-powered couples from either the DC or Marvel Universe. But let's stray away from intimacy for a moment, and take a step towards friendship. Let's talk about the brotherly bonds that our heroes across the Multiverse have shared, and take a look at some of the most memorable bromances.

4. Spider-Man & Human Torch

Peter Parker and Johnny Storm have had a bromance going on for as long as I can remember. They may call each other things like 'web head' and 'hot head' but we know that it's all love. The two costumed youngsters started off as friendly rivals before eventually turning into the best of friends, forming a bond thicker than Spidey's webbing.

From hooking up at the Coffee Bean, to meeting on top of the Statue of Liberty, these two have shared many memories, ones that I'll surely never forget! The two have evolved as heroes, as well as brothers. They've become a large part of each other's lives over the years. Spidey has even lended his help on several occasions to the world's first superhero team, the Fantastic Four!

3. Flash & Green Lantern

Just look at that! The picture practically speaks for itself, doesn't it? The various characters who have donned the titles of Flash and Green Lantern have often gotten along. Wally West got along with Kyle Rayner, but today, we're going to focus on the bromance between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. These guys were two heroes in a pod, let me tell ya. They both have a sense of humor that sets them apart from the rest of the Justice League.

Alright, they aren't the only members of the League with a sense of humor, but they could match each other's immaturity, and that made for some hilarious moments in comic books, and animation. Aside from their hilarious banter and antics, these BFF's have a great knack for pushing each other beyond their own limits, making them a great team.

2. Captain America & Falcon

The longstanding partnership (or bromance) between the two soldiers is one of the most recognizable in all of Marvel comics. These two have overcome their differences, and have formed a partnership based off of their mutual love of fighting the good fight. Cap and Flacon's friendship has been through a lot, and it definitely shows. I was more than glad to finally see this bromance come to life on the big screen!

The trust that they have for one another makes them a great team, and one heck of a headache for their opponents. The two longtime pals have grown to be like brothers, having each other's backs no matter what. After Cap is aged into an old man, he appoints his best friend to be his official replacement as Captain America. Nothing spells love, like carrying on your best friend's legacy.

1. Batman & Superman

The World's Finest weren't always BFF's. They started off as rivals, not agreeing with the other's way of doing things, but they eventually developed a begrudging respect for each other. Even though their stubbornness won't always allow them to showcase their feelings for one another, everyone in the DC Universe is aware of the strong partnership that these two share.

This pair was once described as being halves of one another. Now that's something you can't really argue with! Just like two pals should, they balance each other out, holding each other back from crossing the line where there is no turning back. Although they won't always admit it, they really do learn a lot from one another. They unknowingly teach one another how to be a better hero, a better teammate, and a better person. Their bromance is the strongest of them all! These two are in it till the end.

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