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Earlier rumors this month suggested a screening for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) happened at WB earlier this month. Rumors suggest that the film got a standing ovation and they were so blown away by Ben Affleck's performance as Batman that they decided to give him a trilogy in the DCEU. This article will be giving you reasons why a trilogy with Batman in the DCEU should not happen.

Do we need another trilogy?

No more Batman!
No more Batman!

Do we need another Batman trilogy, i'm sorry guys but i don't we need one i mean we just got off one with Christian Bale as Batman and so now your telling me we're gonna get another trilogy with Ben Affleck as star? Look i love Batman but too much of anything can be tiresome and repetitive. Some people are already suffering from Batman fatigue as he is the most popular superhero right now and pretty much almost anything superhero related involves Batman. I'm cool with Ben just getting one Batman solo movie in the DCEU, if the solo movie is successful i wouldn't mind one more but a trilogy i'm not really favoring.

Justice League centric universe?

Sorry for the meme.
Sorry for the meme.

Zack Snyder and Kevin Smith both say that the DCEU would be Justice League centric and would revolve around the Justice League. So you mean to tell me that if Batman gets a trilogy withing the DCEU it still a Justice League based movie universe? Yeah i don't think so. Look Batman should be a key member in this newly added DC movieverse but having it revolve around him is not a good idea in my opinion. WB should take notes and look how Bruce Timm made his animated universe and how not a single superhero was more important than the other and how it revolved around everybody.

Focus on other heroes

It time for us to get away from Batman and focus on other heroes in the DC universe. Batman isn't the only great superhero in DC I mean you have Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Hawkman and so many others out there. Look i know Batman is WB money maker and safety blanket just like Harry Potter was, but there comes a time when you have to expand and move on to other things. Now i'm not saying screw Batman and leave him behind but focus on other heroes for a change in the DCEU and have Batman be more like a founding father of it all like he was in Justice League Unlimited the show.

It an F U to every other hero in the DCEU

If WB were to honestly go forward with a Batman trilogy and not give anybody three movies then that would be a slap in the face to the other DC movie properties like Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash. Why does Batman have to be the only one that deserves a trilogy? Why can't Superman have one? I mean he the one that kicked off the DCEU, if anything he should get a trilogy before Batman, Wonder Woman movie comes out before the Batman solo movie so why can't she have one? The DCEU should be spread equally with love to every superhero being involved in the DC movie universe not just one guy and say screw everybody else. This is not called the Batman Extended Universe it called the DC Extended Universe.

Sorry for my rant there people. I love Batman, he my favorite hero in all of comics but i honestly feel he should not have a trilogy in the DCEU.

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Should Batman get a trilogy in the DCEU?


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