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After a much-anticipated wait, Fear the Walking Dead finally premiered last Sunday. And it might've been a little more anticipated than expected, because last Sunday, the show broke a record not just for AMC, but for all cable television. The pilot had the biggest premiere ratings in history.

Just how big was it?


You heard me right! 10 MILLION VIEWERS!! That's bigger than any other premiere of any other show on cable television has ever had! But what does that mean for Fear The Walking Dead, it's predecessor The Walking Dead, and any other shows that could stem from it?

We Could Be Seeing A Lot More of the Walking Dead's New Family

Even before the pilot premiered, AMC gave FearTWD a two-season order! Most shows would get a single season at best, but this was all before Sunday. How are they gonna approach the show with it's recent success?

Obviously, it could be a while before we see the last of Walking Dead's newest batch of characters. It's a good sign that the pilot did so well. It shows AMC that people are excited by this show, and will continue watching it. It's almost guaranteed FearTWD protection from being cancelled!

More Walking Dead Companions!

And if this is going to lead to anything, it'll bring a lot more zombie shows our way. Besides The Walking Dead, there aren't any good zombie shows out there. Zombies have been the monsters of this generation, that's for sure. So why don't we have a few more shows that actually do them justice?

I think that more Walking Dead spin-offs are exactly what we need! The original is an amazing show, and it looks like FearTWD will be on the same pace. There's so much of the world that they haven't explored yet, so why not use some new shows to explore that world?

They could also use new shows to introduce characters and places from the comics that haven't been seen on TV yet! Wouldn't it be cool to see a TV show about Negan and the Saviors before they run into Rick? Let's hope this happens soon!

Fear The Walking Dead's new record is going to make a lot of changes for the zombie universe. Whether those changes will be good or bad is the real question - one that's going to take some time to answer. In the meantime, let's enjoy the rest of this first season!


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