BySébastien Rioux, writer at
Sébastien Rioux

Look, I'm a mercenary and the golden way told me to “borrow” the top-secret file of the HYDRA to someone. Probably to the SHIELD. But, I don't care I'am a mercenary.

The 3 Abilities I Need to Succeed

I. Telepath (Charle Xavier : X-Men)

With that I can know every things i want and stop everyone I want. So no problem to collect the information and to enter into the organisation.

II. healing factorie (deadpool: deadpool)

I know that it's very likely I will have to confront someone, even more than one persons. It's not an amateur organization. So, it will make me hard to kill.

III. transformation (mystique: x-men)

I really need to explain why? It's an easy in and out, cause i take the appearance of anyone and no one will know it's me under the skin.


what do you think... would I succeed in my mission?


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