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Just your average, everyday Sithlord. Or, maybe more a Grey Jedi who happens to be a huge Spider-Man fan to boot.
Matthew Gray

The Mission

Top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. exercise to infiltrate a heavily fortified HYDRA base.

Goal: Sabotage new HYDRA superweapon. Full frontal assault will result in massive loss of life. HYDRA could activate the weapon in desperation. The Avengers are not a viable option.

Needed: An agent that can enter the compound undetected. If detected, the agent must be able to escape unaided. Special stealth abilities needed.

Agent M (me) selected for the mission. M has the necessary skills for successful completion.

Batman's Stealth Fighting Skills


The first ability needed for this or any mission where stealth is a must would be the ability to strike quickly, suddenly, and, hopefully, unseen. No one fights from the shadows better than the Dark Knight. In fact, he's so good in this type of atmosphere, he seems to be one with the darkness. With the array of gas pellets, infrared goggles, throwing and close combat weapons S.H.I.E.L.D. would provide combined with this ability would make me more than capable of dealing with multiple HYDRA foot soldiers.

And there's no mistaking the fear this type of combat would elicit among my enemies. A welcome added bonus.

Spider-Man's Clinging Ability

Teflon?  Don't make me laugh!
Teflon? Don't make me laugh!

Soldiers have to be prepared for any contingency. However, when you're inside a complex, you don't necessarily expect an attack from the ceiling, do you? That's where the Amazing Webhead would be useful. How many surprise attacks can I make from above everyone's heads?

And could there be anything stealthier than crawling on walls? Can you imagine how many security systems you could defeat with this ability? I'm guessing quite a few.

This ability can also be used to prevent people from escaping me. If someone tries to get away, I would merely need to touch his/her clothing. My runner would go nowhere. There's no way anyone else would be alerted to my presence.

Shadowcat's Phasing Power

My final ability will be the youngest X-Man's power to phase through solid objects. I briefly toyed with the notion of taking Spider-Man's clinging ability AND his super strength. Think of it. No vault would be safe from me. But, ripping metal apart in my bare hands would be rather noisy. The key is being undetectable. Why rip a barrier apart when I can merely walk through it?

If someone attacks me, I only need to become intangible. Bullets, arrows, lasers, and fists would pass right through me. And, the best thing? I can still become solid to touch my opponent. I could also do some serious damage by phasing through my opponents' body. That can get a little messy, but, it's an effective tool.

And, there's an added bonus to Shadowcat's ability. She disrupts electronics when she phases through them. So, I can use my clinging ability to crawl up to a strategically placed security camera and phase my hand through it. Scratch one camera. Oh, and that HYDRA superweapon? I'm pretty sure that works with electronics as well. That and the computer controlling it. Scratch one superweapon.

Mission Accomplished!


Do I have what it takes to survive?


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