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We all know that of Jason Mamoa's role as Aquaman and excitement is everywhere. With DC's own phases coming along with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we all want to see Mamoa in action! But even if he has a solo movie coming, what will we expect coming forward? Here are my guesses of the future movie Aquaman.

First of all lets start with the title: Aquaman. I mean really? Now I know what you're thinking: "the name sounds okay....I mean the names Superman and Batman." Well I don't think the name Aquaman will stick to the movie title well. Will Snyder or whatever future director name it that? We should expect an alternative title to the future movie like : King of Atlantis or Unite the Seven. Look at Christopher Nolan's Batman movies: The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. Even Man of Steel. Each title represents it's hero in a great way, so why not an alternate title for Aquaman?

Next is the story. What will Aquaman even be about? Many conflicts could be fighting supervillains, like against the Ocean Master. The Ocean Master tries to make war with the land dwellers and Aquaman has to stop him. Maybe even with humans themselves. He could fight terrorists which can introduce ..... BLACK MANTA! Maybe he fights the thirst: a race of monsters who can be a threat to Atlantis and maybe to the Land world. or what if the conflict of the movie won't be involving the land world at all, maybe just in Atlantis? i could go well without No altercation from the "land dwellers." Or it could be an origin story. Aquaman's movie can go like his original origins. Aquaman was originally the son of an Atlantean noblewoman and a lighthouse keeper from the town of Amnesty Bay, Arthur Curry (his human name) would grow up to become the superhero Aquaman, and later take on his birthright as the King of Atlantis. The origin story could show us the origin of a DC legend.

But you have to think: will the movie take place before, or after the Justice League movie and or Batman v Superman? If afterwards, we can see Aquaman facing off against a villain or two, and if it's before, we can see an origin story.

In fact we know there will be a villain or two in the occasion in his movie. So who will be his antagonist? Well here are some guesses.

  • Black Manta: Black Manta is a long time foe of Aquaman since 1967! So they have a destiny together. Black Manta was always a fierce and evil foe that Aquaman has had to deal with. More of an archenemy because Black Manta left Aquaman with a vendetta: he killed his son.
  • Ocean Master: Ocean Master also, has been a long time foe of Aquaman since 1966! Ocean master is even the brother of Aquaman and only wants to take his throne as rightful heir to Atlantis. i mean Aquaman is half human! A hybrid to take the throne? RIDICULOUS! Heck, that could even be the plot of the movie, like Justice League Throne of Atlantis.

Ocean Master always instigates something with Aquaman. He employs piracy and terrorism to reach his goals. He's so devilish in fact that he even causes the lost of Aquaman's hand!

Well when you think about it, both enemies did...

This means that both villains could be formidable enemies for the King of Atlantis.

  • The Dead King:is new to the dc universe having originated from the new 52 but he can be a formidable foe to Aquaman The Dead King was once Atlan the Greatest King of Atlantis. He was betrayed by his brother Orin and by his people. They killed his wife and children and he and his loyalist were hunted was hunted. Within that time he forged the six artifacts of Atlantis with his arcane knowledge. He returned years later and without uttering a single word killed his brother and his queen and as Atlantis was plunged into a civil war he finally spoke after years of silence, "Let it all...die" and using his great strength sunk the great nation he had spent his lifetime building. That could be the main plot of the movie. in fact it sounds good. it can explain some lore behind Atlantis and cause dramatics within the movie.

But what can we expect the movie to be like? Bloody? Gritty? Dark?Or maybe all three. in fact if Zach Snyder was the one who made the movie Watchmen.

So what do you guys think? What villains should be in the Aquaman movie? Aquaman will be released July 27, 2018. Don't forget Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice coming out in March 25, 2016. Maybe we'll see each other in 3D Imax in theaters.


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