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So I have started preparing to make a Red Hood fan film. I have seen a lot of fan films recently and I have decided to make one of my own depicting the classic Joker crowbar scene which led to the rise of the Red Hood. However, I want my piece to stand out and the only way to create something people will love is to ask the audience what they want. So I ask you, what would you like from this fan film?

Which characters would you want in the film?

So I've already clarified that The Joker and Jason Todd (Red Hood) will be in my film but who else do you want to see? Perhaps Batman or some mercenaries that Red Hood could take on. It is critical that I get feedback so that I can create something that fans can like.


Now costumes can either break or make fan films, I know because I've seen some that have not worked out well at all because of this fundamental step.

So for The Red Hood costume I have already created a slick looking helmet that would serve the fan film very well. I would also put it with a leather jacket and an assault vest to really sell the Red Hood look.

Red Hood Helmet
Red Hood Helmet

However, which kind of Joker would you like to see in the film? It would change the film dramatically as each Joker offers something different.


Which style of Joker would you like to see in the film?

So these are my ideas for the film so far - not much but I'm sure with die hard fans like myself we can create something awesome. There are still many things to consider e.g. story but with your ideas that shouldn't be an issue.

To see my previous work watch Shade: The Series (down below) as it offers some insight on what the fan film could be like.


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