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"My days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over"... or... so I thought. But I found out that Hydra tends to get a little testy when you make a deal and don't deliver. That being the case, I realized I'd have to get inside Hank Pym's mansion and get a sample of his precious "Pym Particles" or risk angering representatives of the world's foremost terrorist organization. And believe me, you wouldn't like them when they're angry. So, to successfully get in and out of Hank Pym's mansion with the Pym Particles in tow is definitely going to be a ticklish business, but I think with the right skillset, I can pull it off. But what does this skillset entail, you may ask? Let me fill you in.

Batman's Fighting Prowess

The above is a pretty epic and all-encompassing list. I think that skillset alone should be sufficient to get me past an elderly scientist and an ex-con who doesn't even know how to punch, but just to be on the safe side, I have contingency plans in place should events take a turn for the worse. Subtlety is crucial in this operation, but if I am discovered, I intend to be prepared. Let's see a swarm of ants deal with this!

Reverse Flash's Strategic Genius


Do you know why Eobard is able to be a continual "Thawne" in Barry Allen's flesh? It's because he's always at least 89 steps ahead of the Scarlet Speedster. The upper limits of his tactical foresight seem to know no bounds, or if they do, no one seems to know what they are. Because of this, I feel that having Thawne's strategic genius on my side might be just enough to tip the scales in my favor.

James Bond's Flirting Skills

007: License to Flirt
007: License to Flirt

If I should happen to run into Hope Van Dyne on this mission, I have just what I need to get her out of the way: the flirting skills of MI6's finest: none other than 007 himself, James Bond! Bond is the ultimate ladies' man and using his irresistible charm, it would be an absolute breeze to get Hope out of my way while I casually swipe a sample of her dear old daddy's incredible shrinking molecules. Sean Connery, eat your heart out.

Mission accomplished, I'm coming home!


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