ByShippy Heymann, writer at
surviving the day, isn't this enough?

get this drink done amazing!

1st I've got not much time to explain what's going on but u need to get this empty cup, to fill in what ever you want, starts powering my mind, becoming supernatural for taking out the rest of this rotten bunch knocking on your doors, like the known " Rächer mit dem Becher" .

2nd brought this amazing selfmade pumpgun with me to protect you while shaking it right, but get lost in using it cause my brain does not work the right way when I'm not tipsy enough to recognize how to handel this peace of "bang bang boom".

3rd and finally I would open my left eye to release the timestoping power, achieved by keeping it closed for two years. And you all will know what holy s... action you'll release against slow walking biters with a lil bit of lead and freezed time ;)


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