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Jonathan Medders

I finally got a chance to see Ant-Man today and was not disappointed. Filled with great action, plenty of comedy, and one of the best single-film casts Marvel has brought in, Ant-Man delivered on all counts.

Right from the get-go I knew I was in for a treat. Marvel blended the drama, action, and comedy together nearly flawlessly here. Even with the production issues with directors and the initial script, Ant-Man showed itself as a full-grown heist flick. A well-written script laced with everything we love about Marvel movies, this movie made the most of its opportunity.

As an old fan of the comics, I had really hoped to see Ant-Man brought into the fold much sooner than this. Then, when I found out Marvel was jumping straight to Scott Lang I was even more skeptical. However, the way the story was depicted on screen surprised me. Paul Rudd definitely did a wonderful job as Scott Lang, a not-so-bad guy who simply makes poor decisions for noble reasons. Michael Douglas, of course, is playing the wise, older mentor. The rest of the cast play their parts to near perfection.

The extra scenes slipped in during the credits rounded things out nicely. Seeing a suit to set up Evangeline Lilly becoming The Wasp, along with a lead-in to next year's Civil War, there really wasn't anything missing from this film. I highly recommend it to any comic book movie fan, Marvel or otherwise.


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