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The Real Whovians Cast "RWC" is the only Doctor Who Podcast to reach over 500 episodes! And it is still going today! The most recent episode was Real Whovians 654! I would like to introduce to the show. The man behind the Podcast and many more on his channel "Matrixlord212", Joseph Capriccioso is also a 10-time published author. His books are mostly poems and quite interesting to read. I myself frequent the show and will be appearing on Joseph's exclusive to Dailymotion show Real Whovians Unlimited in the next few days. Real Whovians Unlimited or "RWU" is more of an look into the experiences of Doctor Who with the cast members. Yes, Joseph takes his cast members one by one and interviews them. I myself have been in the community for over a year now. During my time there was a massive devide in the community and we got separated into two sides, The Whovians and The Real Whovians. I was on The Whovians side until moving into The Real Whovians (with other cast members.) This was due to an ex-cast members attempt to solve things. When the heads of The Whovians found out this, we were kicked and basically exiled. To be honest I enjoy it on RWC. Anyway, less of the negativity and onto the familiar faces of the show. The members who appear on the show and other podcasts almost everyday include:

Joseph Capriccioso

Connor Farley

Gloria Davis

David Anderson

And Micheal Engle (Or Mike D as most refer to him.)

I usually can't appear on the show as it happens mostly when I'm sleeping at around 04:00. But sometimes there are shows that "agree" with my timezone and I'm able to appear. If you are interested in the show, here are the topics we discuss:


Trailer reactions



And the odd debate.

If you want to know where to find this channel go to Finally, I would like to add that Joe is open to people who would want to join in on a few shows. Just politely message him and he'll be sure to let you one.

Thank you for reading this article,

Connor Ryan Smyth


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