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Thanks to Moviepilot, I was able to attend the first screening of Eli Roth's Green Inferno during his first stop of his Fan Appreciation Tour. The whole experience was an absolute blast. Eli Roth is one of the coolest guys I've ever listened to. Very down to Earth and hilarious. He filled us all in on behind-the-scenes of the film before the screening began, which made the film an even better experience for all of us there.

Some Stories About Filming

Green Inferno was filmed in a small Peruvian village on the Amazon. The villagers had never seen a movie before, so Eli and his crew had to explain what a movie was before they could ask to film in their village. You'd think that they'd show them something like The Wizard of Oz or some other classic family film of some sort to introduce them to film, but no, these villagers were introduced by watching Cannibal Holocaust (1980). Everyone, including the children in the village, watched the film. Oddly enough, all of them loved it and apparently thought it was hilarious. They gladly accepted Eli's request to film there.

One of my favorite stories that Eli told was about the little kids at the village. One day, they came up and said that they had an idea for the film for him. He asked what it was and the kids pulled out a baby python. They thought it would be funny if it was in the cage with the actresses. Eli loved the idea, so he decided to go with it and have the kids dangle the snake in their faces. When they went to do it, the kids really got into it and it looked like the snake was being smacked in their faces. From what he was saying, it didn't seem like the actresses knew how dangerous that snake was, so it made the scene very funny to watch because in reality, that snake was so pissed off and it looked scary as hell.

I also enjoyed the story about how Christian Missionaries were on their boats arriving to the village and singing Jesus songs. They weren't aware that a horror movie was being filmed at the village and just saw the props with skeletons and dead bodies shoved through stakes in the ground. Once they saw that, it really freaked them out, so they started singing the Jesus songs louder. I'd be scared if I arrived at a village and it looked like that, too! Who wouldn't? They let them know that it was for a horror film that Eli Roth was filming and everyone calmed down.

What to Expect

This film is extremely gory, so be prepared gore lovers! Gore, to me, is not scary, but it does gross me out. I know that there are definitely people out there who are terrified by scenes of people being torn to pieces and devoured while still alive. It's an absolutely nasty thing to watch, and is twisted as all hell, but it's amazing in this film. I'll admit that I did have to close my eyes during some of the cannibal scenes!

The audience as a whole was having a great time. There was a lot of cringing while watching gruesome scenes and people yelling, "Holy shit," and "Ew!" but there was also a ton of laughter. The film had the perfect amount of comic relief, which I really appreciated after watching the fascinatingly disgusting scenes. In fact, the comic relief balances out the gore so well that I think a lot of different people will enjoy this film for both elements. It's a fun film to watch and most definitely worth checking out.

When Is It in Theaters?

The Green Inferno will be released in certain cities on September 25th. Hopefully, it will be released where you live so that you can check it out! If not, then Tweet about it or something to get the word out more that you'd like to see the film. It can't hurt and will increase the chances of the film getting a wider release; which it totally deserves!


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