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The Infinity Gauntlet is probably THE most powerful object in the Marvel Universe. It makes the wearer omnipotent, in every aspect possible. The Infinity Gauntlet consists of 6 gems, each giving the one in possession of it mastery over one of the following:

  • Time - Allows the user to manipulate, rewind, or jump ahead in time.
  • Space - Allows the user to teleport or travel extremely fast, anywhere they want.
  • Power - Provides the possessor with huge amounts of physical power and invulnerability.
  • Mind - Allows the user to communicate telepathically, read minds, and manipulate thoughts of others.
  • Soul - Gives mastery over the souls of others.
  • Reality - Arguably the most powerful gem of all, it gives the user complete control over reality itself, allowing them to do whatever they want.

The Infinity Gauntlet can be assembled by very few beings, of immense power, cunning, and intelligence.

The challenge? I need to collect all the Infinity Stones. Now, the question is how? The powers of these three people can help me achieve the goal.

Intelligence - The Doctor

The Doctor is the last surviving member of an ancient race, from the planet Gallifrey. He is also a Time Lord. The Doctor is a being of immense knowledge, and is known to be a master tactician. He can get out of almost every situation possible, and makes sure that his team and/or companions survive the experience as well. Not to mention that he can't die, he just gets reincarnated.

Oh, and the TARDIS as well. If anything goes wrong, we can always go back in time and fix it. The Doctor's powers and gadgets will be put to good use while assembling the Infinity Stones.

Magic - Dumbledore

Dumbledore is THE most powerful wizard ever. Besides having a good, tactical mind, he is excellent in magic and combat. Healing spells, concealment spells, you name it, he can do it. Dumbledore was the one wizard who Voldemort feared.

Some enemies cannot be defeated by fighting skills or intelligence, and that is where Dumbledore's abilities come in! With that skill, and the Elder Wand (the most powerful wand in the world), it will be a piece of cake to defeat anyone who dares to oppose me!

Fighting Skills and Pure Epicness - Darth Vader

Don't need a lot of explanation for this one. Darth Vader is from a galaxy far, far away, a master combatant (trained by none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi) and has a strong control on the Force. He is also a ruthless person, I mean, he cut his son's hand off! He lets nothing come in front of his goals, and can be very.... persuasive. With those awesome lightsaber skills and the Force with me, I definitely have a good shot at collecting the Infinity Stones.

So, what do you think? Will I be able to collect all the Infinity Stones? If you liked this article, make sure to click follow, and check out my other posts by clicking below!


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