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(WARNING: SPOILERS for the MCU and Agents of SHIELD continue at your own risk)

Early this year, a major Inhuman villain was hinted at appearing in Agents of SHIELD in season 3. We now have confirmation from Marvel Entertainment themselves that the villain has been cast! This spells big news for our heroes and even bigger news for the MCU as a whole as it seems apparent Agents of SHIELD will really make the Inhumans known by the time they finally get a feature film in 2019. Who exactly is this powerful villain?


Lash is a member of the Inhumans race and one of the few Inhumans personally chosen to go through the transformation. He believed that not everybody of his race should go through the transformation and when circumstances led to hundreds of Inhumans gaining powers across the world, Lash went on a mission to judge whether they were fit to wield their powers. If Lash decided that the person was unworthy, he would kill them. In the comics, King Black Bolt activated a bomb filled with the Terrigen Mist over New York turning people giving unsuspecting Inhumans all over the world powers. While we haven't seen Black Bolt in the show yet, and we probably won't, we do have a similar situation growing in the show.

In the last episode we saw that the fish in the ocean had been exposed to the Terrigen mist, caught, and put on the shelf for consumption. Assuming this means the fish are carrying the mist, it means were about to see a lot of people gain powers as they go through the transformation. As these people pop up all over the world, Lash will most likely embark on his mission to kill the unworthy, which is where the Agents of SHIELD come in. Lash is a big guy and a dangerous adversary, but who was cast in the role?

Matt Willig

The former NFL star recently retired after playing for 14 seasons and is now a rising actor. He has some small credits to his name, including roles on Grimm, NCIS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and We're the Millers. Being an ex-NFL player, Willig has the physical poweress to potray the massive Inhuman. Although, Willig doesn't have any huge credits to his name yet, he's done well in most of his roles so far and is a competent actor. From everything we've seen from him, he seems like an excellent choice for the role of Lash.

We, the fans, still have over a month to wait before Agents of SHIELD returns, but this news should satisfy our palates for a little while. What do you think of this casting? Is Willig a good addition to the cast?


Are you excited to see Lash?


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