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American Horror Story is known to tease us before every season, and they are rolling out some new teasers to get us excited! The latest season, entitled Hotel, will be returning to FX Wednesday, October 7th.

The latest season of the series will feature a variety of new and old cast members, including musician Lady Gaga as the hotel's owner, Kathy Bates who will be running the hotel, Cheyenne Jackson as fashion icon Will Drake, Wes Bentley as a detective John Lowe, and Lily Rabe as real life serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Other cast members include Madchen Amick, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Matt Bomer.

Before sharing the two brand new 15 second teasers, lets take a trip down memory lane with five of my favorite previous American Horror Story teasers:

1. AHS: Asylum Teaser - Glass Prison

2. AHS: Asylum Teaser - Door

3. AHS: Freak Show Teaser - Twisted Smile

4. AHS: Freak Show Teaser - Peek A Boo

5. AHS: Coven Teaser - Initiation

Finally here are the two latest American Horror Story: Hotel teasers you have all been waiting for:

AHS: Hotel Teaser - Do Not Disturb

This teaser reveals a man..... and he's missing something? Take a look for yourself:

AHS: Hotel Teaser - Beauty Rest

This feels like a long lost Freak Show teaser, but it isn't! This teaser shows a woman (possibly Lady Gaga?) strangling a man. Take a look...

What are your thoughts on the two new teasers?


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