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Ever since the news broke about a Green Lantern Corps movie, the Internet has been blowing up with who they want to play each character! There has been buzz and loose rumors about people like Chris Pine (who is now playing Steve Trevor), Tyrese Gibson, and Dan Amboyer tied to these roles, but nothing's been confirmed yet. So in turn, I would like to do a fan cast of all the Green Lanterns from Earth plus some of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy!

Hal Jordan- Jensen Ackles

Yes, I want a Supernatural actor to play a superhero, I'm so original. Don't turn your back on me yet Internet, I have my reasons! Jensen Ackles is mainly a TV actor, I'm aware of this, but his career has been going on an upward trend for the last 10 years. Who says that he won't be in a position to take the role in 2020? Not only that, but he screams this character. He is the perfect balance of a lovable smart ass and a serious leader, which is the main quality of this Green Lantern elder. Jensen is accustomed to action roles, stays in the shape needed for this character constantly, and is great at cutting up at the perfect moments! Ryan Reynolds was a great Hal Jordan, but I'm positive that Jensen Ackles could do it better.

John Stewart- Michael Ealy

While we haven't seen Ealy play a real hard ass yet, he is such a ranged actor that I'm positive he could pull it off. Now, Ealy doesn't really look much like Stewart, but a major point in comic book movies is reinvention. It doesn't seem like I'm painting him in a good light so far, does it? Now to the positive stuff, Ealy is such a good actor that I couldn't overlook his opportunity in this role. He has the build and acting skills needed for the character, and if he could convince us that he's a hard ass army veteran, then he would be the perfect person to bring this long awaited Green Lantern arrival to life.

Guy Gardner- Michael C. Hall

People think of Guy Gardner as not being a serious Green Lantern, and I think that Michael C. Hall could change that. First off he's a talented actor with a lot of range, and I think he could pull off the hot-head aspect perfectly. While everyone thinks that Gardner just gets in the way when he's working with the Green Lantern Corps, Hall's portrayal could eventually come around to being the hero that the power ring sees inside of him. He looks the part, and there aren't many people who can argue against this man's acting skills! There are other people who could give a proper Guy Gardner, but Michael C. Hall could give the perfect, serious Guy Gardner.

Sinestro- Zachary Quinto

The Green Lantern Corps movie has to have a villain, and who better than Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns? And who better to play Sinestro than someone who has played such a menacing villain before? Quinto has the perfect evil look for Sinestro, and he's so good at changing the tone of his characters fast! He can go from bad to good in a matter of minutes like no one else, and with a little CGI and paint, he could be the best Sinestro to date! Now, hopefully we'll see the Yellow Lanterns already established, but Quinto could rock the flashbacks they'd have to when Sinestro was a Green Lantern. Long story short, I don't think anyone would mind this guy in the role.

Kilowog- Ving Rhames

While I think that Michael Clarke Duncan was the perfect Kilowog (R.I.P, you have been missed), Ving Rhames is quite possibly the next best thing. He has the perfect body type for the motion capture of Kilowog, and his voice is extremely deep and menacing. Michael Clarke Duncan left some pretty big shoes to fill, but I'm positive that Ving Rhames is big enough to fill them.

Kyle Rayner- Dylan O'Brien

Now, hopefully we won't see the death of Hal Jordan on screen so soon, but I would like to see Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan co-exist. He doesn't have to be Ion though, I would like for them to bend the rules a little and have him in the Corps at the same time as Jordan. But onto O'Brien now, he is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood, and this movie would only make him bigger! He can truly play both sides of the scale, so chances are we would see sort of a Hal Jordan Jr. with him in the role. He's great at providing comic relief, an amazing action star and actor, and I can see immediate chemistry between him and Ackles. They could play off of each other with their jokes!

Alan Scott- Ed Harris

Yes, I'm aware that Alan Scott isn't apart of the Green Lantern Corps, but I would like to see them play him off as an older Green Lantern they want to come out of retirement for the unknown (to us at the moment) impending threat. Chances are it won't happen, but I would love to see it! Ed Harris is my ideal actor for this role, but it may not be one he's willing to take. But there's always some false hope in a fan cast, so I'll cast him anyways. To his skills now though, he's a truly great actor (no one can argue with that), and he's no stranger to action roles. If we do see Scott in action, then I could think of no one better than Harris, but he would still make a good grumpy, retiree Lantern.

Jade- Mary Elizabeth Winstead

When I think of actresses who could play a hot, completely green Green Lantern, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the first person who comes to mind. Of course if we see Alan Scott then we will see his daughter Jade, and she will become a love interest of Kyle Rayner, and we'll probably see her become a Lantern in the movie (she was given a spare ring during the resurrection of the Green Lantern Corps)! She's an interesting character to see evolve through the movie, and we could always use more strong females in superhero movies!

Abin Sur- Sean Bean

Just kidding...

Bryan Cranston

While Abin Sur is obviously dead and will only be seen in flashbacks, it seems to be a DCEU motif to use talented and popular actors as dead fathers/mentors. We've already seen Kevin Costner as Pa Kent, and we will be seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne, so why not Bryan Cranston as Abin Sur? Think about it, we would basically see a purple Walter White as Green Lantern, and that would be cool as hell. And the flashbacks aren't limited to his death. Abin Sur was Sinestro's partner in the Green Lantern Corps, so I would imagine Cranston and Zachary Quinto having quite a few shared flashbacks together. There's also always a chance we'll see the Black Lantern Corps, and there's plenty of opportunity for Cranston's character there!

Bonus: Kai-ro- Osric Chau

You know, the Green Lantern from Batman Beyond? We're not going to see this Green Lantern in the Green Lantern Corps movie, but I'm still hoping we'll see a live-action Batman Beyond. If we do, Osric is perfect for this role! He's a young Asian man, he's a low-profile actor, yet very talented, and he should be looking for opportunities like this to expand his career. Here's hoping we'll see this in the future!


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