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ICYMI: Last month, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has now added "movie writer" to his resume with the announcement of a "western futuristic [zombie] horror movie" called Dead 7, set to air on Syfy. Carter will not only be joined by fellow BSB bandmates Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean but also former rival boy band member of N*SYNC, Joey Fatone. But if that wasn't enough to get 90's pop fangirls and boys jumping out of their seats, the roster on this movie just got bigger.

Instragram has been acting as the world's paparazzi with cast members posting pictures on set. Not only do we get a sneak preview to the characters, costumes and bits of the set, we're starting to see a lot more former boy banders making an appearance. On top of having members from BSB and N*SYNC, new photos have revealed 3 past members of O-Town, Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, and Trevor Penick, are now part of the cast. And if that's not enough, 98 Degrees member, Jeff Timmons, has been tossed into the boy band movie mash up!

Try to contain your excitement.....
Try to contain your excitement.....

4 more 90's pop stars in a span of a month?! That's a new cast member every week! With the rapid growth of this movie's list of boy band members, who else could they possibly get for this film? Well time to go down memory lane and see who else could jump in on this crazy mix!

New Kids On The Block

Even though this band had it's start in the 80's, they arguably paved the way for all other boy bands to make it big in the 90's. Nick Carter already expressed his desire to get Jordan Knight to sign on to the film. The two do have a history together, having gone on a reunion tour together from May 2011-June 2012 so to have any of the NKOTB members join the cast could be a big possibility.


For those who are unfamiliar with this group, Hanson was somewhat the Jonas Brothers of the 90's. This band of brothers hit if big with their one hit wonder, MMMBop. The song was catchy, memorable, and compeltely ubsurd. But nonetheless, it helped solidify Hanson in music history which means they can definitely be considered for Dead 7 by music standards. To have them killed off in a ridiculous fashion that matches the ridiculousness of their song would seem almost too fitting and could make some 90's kids incredibly happy.


Who remembers this hit for the Lyte Funkie Ones (yeah.... raise your hand if you knew what it stood for)? LFO had pretty decent success in the late 90's to early 2000, touring with Brittney Spears and multiple gigs on Nickelodeon (both on TV and on tour). Although one of their members has passed away, it doesn't mean that the other two can't make have a part in the movie. Syfy pulled Tara Reid out of obscurity, so anything is possible.

One Direction

Sadly enough, there is a chance this could happen. Again, Carter has expressed interest in a member to be part of this project, in particular Niall Horan. Reaching out via Twitter, "Ok @NiallOfficial I know we’re from different generations but…would you like to play my brother in this zombie movie with me?" - Nick Cater (July 12, 2015). If this is his way of bridging the two generations of fans, it's not a bad idea. Flip side, it's a bit of a slap in the face that his isn't getting his actual brother, Aaron Carter (who was a 90's pop musician in his own right) for the role.


If Dead 7 really wants a UK boy band as a part of the movie, BBMak would be a solid choice. 90's kids might remember their songs "Back Here" or "Out of My Heart." Or they might remember their appearance in the Disney Channel show Even Stevens. Either way, BBMak fits the bill of having limited acting experience and being part of the boy band craze of the 90's and early 2000's.

Spice Girls

In a time that was full of boy bands both famous and obscure, the Spice Girls definitely stood out of the crowd. These ladies had such a huge fan following, they starred in their own film Spice World back in 1997. Furthermore, they arguably stole that show at the London Olympic Games closing ceremony with a reunion performance. I have no doubt that if any one of them were given a part in Dead 7, it would definitely bump up the viewership even more.

Those are just some of the groups that I believe would be crazy to have in the movie. The 90's was chalked full of pop culture icons that could be thrown into the crazy mash up that Dead 7 is shaping up to be. Hopefully we'll see more pictures and announcements for this growing cast in the near future.


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