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I have been reading comics since before I could read. When I learned how to read, they became significantly better.
Shannon McShortall

I recently put out an article talking about how Marvel could compensate for Fox’s characters not being in their universe, so you might want to check that one out first HERE. I only dealt with the characters in the Fantastic Four universe, but now I’ve decided to deal with the X-men characters. It has been said that the X-men universe is as expansive as the surrounding Marvel universe. This statement is no exaggeration. Even listing the names of one tenth of the characters that are mutants in the X-men comics would take at least half an hour to read (Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration). So I’ve decided to include a select few characters: a handful of main characters, a handful of villains, some select favourites and some more obscure characters. If you think I missed anyone, say so in the comments and I’ll include them. Obviously I’m not taking the easy way out and substituting for mutants with fabricated Inhumans (which Marvel has, and probably will continue to do, thus making this piece sort of redundant), but I will make reference to Inhumans that have appeared in the Marvel universe, whether they be alive or dead. Sometimes I’ve chosen to mention how powers are similar, thus giving the same visuals onscreen that the actual character would give. Some have a specific role to fill, so I’ve chosen personality, among other factors. Be aware, I don’t actually believe Marvel will do this so obviously. This piece is just for fun. I don’t even believe these characters should necessarily go back to Marvel. Here we go:



I thought I should start with possibly my favourite mutant. I wanted to start with him because his character is the perfect way to showcase the different ways a character can be interpreted. First of all, there’s Gordon from Agents of SHIELD. He was a blind man with the ability to teleport. He had the same morality and drive to protect his own race as Nightcrawler does. Even his form of teleportation was usually puffs of purple smoke, exactly like Nightcrawler. In fact, his similarities to Nightcrawler are what made me think about this piece to begin with. Unfortunately, his character died. Although, Nightcrawler has returned from the dead before (in a fantastic story called The Quest for Nightcrawler). Now there’s the idea of characters that went missing in action. Tobias Ford was shown to be a good man who was put into an awful circumstance, which does bear similarities to Nightcrawler’s story. He’s also a teleporter of sorts who teleports between Earth and a Hell dimension of sorts. He’d be a very viable option to be the teleporter of the X-men stand-ins. Other Inhumans like Lockjaw and Eldrac the Door have displayed teleporting powers, but probably wouldn’t be used as the Nightcrawler stand-in (although Lockjaw would have a higher probability than Eldrac). Dewoz also has a form of teleportation powers, but given its limitation to reflective surfaces, I’ll dismiss it. Visually, Blackheart bears a slight resemblance. Mephisto is closer to the Nightcrawler look. Obviously Nocturne or Azazel would be closer, but their connections to Nightcrawler would probably place them closer to the X-men universe (especially considering Azazel appeared in X-men: First Class). Another teleporter with slightly demonic looks who might be able to be used might be Pip the Troll, while his many vices bear similarity to Wolverine.


Wolverine is one of the greatest weapons in the X-men arsenal. An immortal indestructible clawed animal of a man, his powers have made him a target wherever he goes. Black Sky from the Daredevil tv show was considered a major threat, so could that kid be a young Wolverine of sorts? He was being transported from Japan, and Wolverine does have strong Japanese ties. Stick said he killed the kid, but if the kid was like Wolverine, he’d definitely still be alive, without Stick knowing about his healing powers. The kid is probably still alive, speaking in a narrative sense, otherwise that was a completely empty plot point. Talking about healing powers, he (or X-23) could also end up being the allegedly dead Jiaying from Agents of SHIELD. I don’t think Jiaying is dead. She’s been pieced together after being completely mutilated. I really don’t think Calvin Zabo killed her. But I’ve saved her for a later mutant. Visually, we could see a character like Demolition Man. Logan also had a background before he became the heroic clawed monster that was Wolverine. This bears similarities to Flash Thompson’s Venom, but this may just be because I love Web of Shadows. I was thinking about Morbius as a possible replacement, but given his intelligence, he’d be too far flung from the Wolverine we know. I still think it’s Black Sky. Possibly Puma.


Following up on the Wolverine thought, Tigra could be a stand-in for X-23


I couldn’t really think of anyone of note that only had optic beams, but the character doesn’t need to have optic beams to be like Cyclops. Cyclops has always been the leader of his species. He led the X-men for several years before leading the Earth as the leader of the Phoenix Five. He then created a mutant revolution, where he was the leader. All he’s done has always been in the cause of the mutants, and as the leader of said cause, only ever superseded by Professor Xavier. He’s also a tortured man that can never let loose, for fear that he will hurt the people around him. He always has to wear something to stop him from destroying the world. This idea of a leader of a species who has to hold back, given the extremity of his powers bears striking similarities to the Inhuman’s Black Bolt.

Emma Frost

Following up on the idea of Cyclops being Black Bolt, I think Emma Frost could be Medusa. Emma Frost has two powers, one of which is the ability to read minds. This can also be used to describe Medusa. In the comics, she acts as an interpreter for Black Bolt by reading his mind and translating those thoughts into words. She also has the ability to mentally control her hair. Her hair can also be used defensively, obviously not as strong as Emma’s diamond form, but it’s still stronger than average hair. She could effectively cover herself in her hair as a defence. It’s been suggested that her ability to interpret what Black Bolt wants is the result of a ‘bond’ they have, although she could interpret the Skrull Black Bolt perfectly fine, suggesting it’s based on thoughts that any person willingly lets her look at. She could probably read the minds of anyone who isn’t on guard. This also explains her ability to move her hair with her mind. She could probably move other things, but just chooses to move things with her hair. Given the fact that she is also the lover of Black Bolt (who is Cyclops in this scenario) this adds more weight to the idea, as long as the MCU focuses more on her psychic powers, even if she’s still not nearly as strong as Emma Frost. Other potential candidates which might just be possible is Elijah Fordham from Agents of SHIELD, who I had to look up to find because he’s that obscure that I only remembered a brief mention of him and I wasn’t sure if it actually happened.

Professor Xavier

I honestly have no idea about this one. For some reason, I feel like the Ancient One would be a viable replacement. In terms of powers, the Ancient One does also possess psychic powers among his (now her) powerset. Plus, the Ancient One is a leader who is trying to protect the balance of the world, which makes perfect sense given the idea of Inhumans and humans being at war with each other (and the hatred between humans and mutants). His Oriental nature also bears similarities to the village in Afterlife.

Jean Grey

Moondragon has the same sort of psychic abilities as Jean Grey. She can also be influenced to become evil by an ancient force sharing the name with a mythological creature. Her appearance could be a completely new one, or it could be used to delve more deeper into the past of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax. Other potential candidates include the morally misguided Typhoid Mary and the recently introduced and unstable (although already having been a popular mutant in the comicbooks) Scarlet Witch.


The Inhuman Haechi has pretty much the same abilities as Bishop, so that’s why I chose him. No other reason really.


Gambit has similar abilities to Bishop, but I think his abilities are more suited to the Inhuman Lash, set to appear in the third season of Agents of SHIELD. In terms of powers, he could also have Maelstrom as a stand-in, which is an idea I’ll bring back further on.


While Angel bears a slight similarity to the Inhuman Ikarys, he resembles Kylus a lot more, so I’d assume Kylus would be a visual and power-based stand-in. Ikarys could probably be a stand-in for Icarus.


A genius who becomes a beast because of a formula that increases his already above human strength? Look no further than Calvin Zabo, who appeared on the second season of Agents of SHIELD before having his memories taken. He could still end up remembering or even starting a new life as a hero, remembering the formula and possibly reworking it. After all, we've seen that memories of the time before the TAHITI project can be remembered, even if they're only minuscule.


Deadpool is pretty much irreplaceable. I’m not saying that as a really hardcore Deadpool fan (which I kind of am) trying to show how special the character is. There are many characters with healing factors like him and sword skills like him, but the banter is what makes Deadpool significant. It’s his role and his personality. I like Deadpool for his tragedy, but that’s hardly a quality that one would see in a replacement. If Marvel had Fantastic Four’s rights, Impossible Man might just work, but otherwise, this one has me stumped.


This one will be different simply because Rogue’s powers are very specific to her. Anyone else with some variation of her powers is a mutant or is specifically designed to take powers like she does. I can only think of two characters, but for two vastly different reasons. Hazmat is one. While her powers are nothing like Rogue’s, she fills the role of the girl who is afraid to touch others, thus making her cold when it comes to interactions, because she’s afraid she’ll kill someone. Hazmat hasn’t been confirmed to be a mutant, and given her extensive role in Avengers Academy, I don’t think Fox would have any hold over her movie rights at all. In terms of power, I’ve come back to Jiaying from Agents of SHIELD. Jiaying is a vampire of sorts, sapping from others to help herself, killing them in the process. This power bears incredible similarities to Rogue’s powers. Plus, I highly doubt that Jiaying is dead. Also, given the idea of her being pieced together in any way possible, she could even be played by a different actress if that particular one didn’t want to come back. Her powers when it comes to piecing together are barely defined, so it could work like that. Morlun would probably also work if he wasn’t such a flat-out villain.


This one was just a fun one. I think a good replacement for Wolfsbane (and a cool character to put into the MCU anyway) is Jack Russel’s Werewolf by Night. Werewolf by Night could also be used instead of the Wendigo, although I think Marvel might actually have the rights to that, given the fact that it first appeared in a Hulk comic.


Storm mainly uses the visual of lightning. We’ve seen lightning being used by the Inhuman Lincoln in Agents of SHIELD. Is he a stand-in for Storm? Maybe Black Sky (from the Daredevil show) is Storm? Why would someone name a weapon Black Sky, unless it actually had the ability to blacken the sky, which Storm can do. Plus, controlling the weather is an incredibly powerful weapon. One that Stick might think he’d need to kill, but what if he didn’t? What if he changed his mind, but still decided to taunt Daredevil about it to test him? But enough with conjecture. Based on what these Inhumans can do, I think they’d be viable replacements. The first being Crystal. Crystal is a big name Inhuman. The wife of Quicksilver, Crystal can control the elements, which is a very simplified version of Storm’s powers, but may also hold more power. Other elementals include Meggan, although her powers are too different to Storm’s. If the MCU wants to focus more on the vampire parts of Storm’s history, she could be a vampire, something along the lines of Xarus (who does have some control over the elements, like his father Dracula). An example with more abilities than storm would be Brother Voodoo. The character with the closest powers would be the Inhuman Meruda, although he is an evil character and one of his more notable acts was actually killing members of Storm’s tribe. His character would have to become more aligned with the good side, but given his African origins and weather control powers, he’d be a great replacement for Storm in terms of powers onscreen.


Blizzard might be a viable replacement for Iceman, although his history would have to be changed (even more than it has been) to suit the film continuity. In the comics, Blizzard (Donnie Gill) wore a suit which projected ice and made him pretty much a villainous Iceman. Then, when the Terrigen bomb went off, he gained actual ice powers, with his skin pigmentation becoming closer to the colour of Iceman’s skin. In the MCU, Donnie Gill gains ice powers after he gets caught in the middle of his own manmade storm in the first season. In the second season, he comes back and a fight ensues, but he is thrown to the bottom of the ocean. Coincidentally, the Terrigen crystals broke in the ocean, so maybe they seeped into him and his powers were amplified enough for him to completely cover in an ice body, like Iceman. Maybe he doesn’t need the crystals and he just comes back anyway. While I’d like him as a villain (as he is in the comics, against Iron Man), this version of Donnie Gill seems more heroic and more well-suited to the role of Iceman.

Kitty Pryde

Doorman could be a stand-in for Kitty Pryde’s powers, as could Cloak. Although, these suggestions are both heavily affiliated with the Darkforce, so making them more in-tune with Kitty Pryde would detract from their actual characters. Red Ghost would be fun, but he’s probably part of the Fantastic Four deal. A character more in-tune with Kitty Pryde would be the new Inhuman Hollow. Hollow’s powers are intangibility and only that, making him not too different to Kitty Pryde (unless we’re talking about the Kitty Pryde in the X-men that has unexplained abilities to transport others through time to their younger bodies).


Sarah Garza could be a great replacement for pre-M-Day Jubilee. Although, she could be replaced with a generic vampire to fill her current role in the comics. This could be a tie-in to an inevitable Blade Netflix series.


Beak is a very unique character in that he has wings, but doesn’t have the ability to fly. The closest Inhumans in terms of looks are Fiona and Avius, although they can fly. Beak was depowered on M-Day and he soon became the hero Blackwing, using a suit. Blackwing’s abilities are pretty generic. He has flight, energy projection and superhuman strength. Since there really is hardly any chance that the MCU will be trying to find a replacement here, I’m just going to go with a generic Iron Man suit.


Angel is a character not to be mistaken with the rich original X-men of the same name (Warren Worthington III’s Angel). This Angel was the one that appeared in First Class. Visually, the Inhuman Iridia could be a viable stand-in.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is incredibly unique, but given the forms the Inhumans take, a Squirrel Girl replacement could be easy.


Prodigy is a mutant with the ability to gain the skills and knowledge of anyone in a room with him (but not powers). Once he leaves the room, the skills/knowledge leave him because of a block in his head. He once suggested the removal of it, but he was shown a dark and grim reality where he used the skills of everyone in the world to become an evil and somewhat genocidal President, trying to make the world a better place under his rule. He kills all his friends and it’s really a very great story. While it may seem like I’m going off track, that story is why I included Prodigy. He has the potential to be something greater and that sort of a story would be great in the MCU. While his abilities without a block resemble the (usually) villainous Taskmaster (the identity of which I've pondered HERE and HERE), the overall ambiguousness of Lineage seems more in tune with him. Lineage’s skills learned are limited only to his ancestors, but that’s still a lot of skills and knowledge he can take.


Visually, Blindfold bears resemblance to Gordon from Agents of SHIELD, but powers-wise, her stand-in could very well be Scarlet Witch


In terms of powers, most characters with sand abilities are villains. As such, Sandman or Quicksand might be a good stand-in for Dust in terms of powers


It was originally thought that Rockslide had rock form powers, but events in hell with Belasco revealed his ability to absorb the rock formations into his body. Since Absorbing Man has already been seen (on Agents of SHIELD) and his powers have been somewhat defined, I would suggest Stonewall as the replacement. Visually, the so-far undefined Neifi could be a suitable stand-in.


Julian Keller (Hellion) is one of the strongest telekinetics in the world. He’s also one of the coolest characters in the X-men who surprisingly hasn’t had much time in the spotlight. Justice (Vance Astrovik) could definitely be a stand-in, especially with Civil War coming up next year. Another possible replacement could be Sebastian Druid. Sebastian Druid could become an Inhuman in the MCU, given the fact that the Caterpillars team he was a part of looks like it’ll be composed of Inhumans, although Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD will confirm this suggestion.


Elixir is a tricky one. He’s possibly the most powerful healer on the planet (or at least he has the potential to be) and also a really cool character, but he also has the ability to hurt people. This ability relies on him rewriting biology. He can kill people with a touch, or he can heal them of any injury whatsoever. Kalikya is an Inhuman healer who could be a stand-in, although she’s a lot weaker than Elixir. Mr Negative is a recently introduced (not that recent, but still recent) Spider Man villain. Visually, Mr Negative has the dark-light sides that Elixir had. Also, he’s a healer who also has a corrupting touch, although he’s not as powerful as Elixir and he’s a villain. He could very well be a new Inhuman.


Wither is a great character and his dynamic could definitely be explored with the villain Bloodscream.


Anole’s abilities may seem generic, but it was difficult coming up with ideas for a stand-in for him. The “spawn” of Curt Conners’ Lizard, the Iguana comes to mind, but he’s too much of a mindless monster to fill in for Anole. The Inhuman Triton comes to mind, but he is too big of a character to fill that role. Also, his abilities differ from Anole’s. The closest I can think of is Reptil, although he’d have to be significantly underpowered. Visually, he could provide the same image.


Colossus bears a striking similarity to the villain Ironclad. They’re both iron skinned giants, although one is significantly more villainous than the other. While getting his origins in Fantastic Four and his team (the U-Foes) trying to rip off the Fantastic Four, Ironclad would probably be owned by Marvel, given his relevance in stories outside of the Fantastic Four. But that’s only a visual similarity. A hero who is morally the same as Colossus is Mettle, but visually and even personality-wise, he’s only slightly the same. Still, he was all I could think of for Colossus’ replacement. Iron Cross is an Inhuman with a metal body, but her abilities are vastly different in strength to Colossus and her visuals are incredibly unlike Colossus. Mettle would probably be the best replacement.


Magik travels between Hell and Earth, performing magic. While Tobias Ford (from Agents of SHIELD) can’t perform magic as yet, we have heard him mention that he goes to a place like Hell. Will he gain magical powers and become like magic? I personally don’t think so, but there aren’t many viable options, given the uniqueness of Magik’s powerset and her personality.


Northstar has light powers and flight, although he isn’t really known for that. His role in the X-men is the flying stubborn homosexual mutant. The idea of light powers are more directed towards Aurora and Dazzler. Northstar is more defined by his sexuality. Wiccan is a homosexual character who flies and shoots energy, making him somewhat like Northstar. They also look very similar. Another character that could be a stand-in would be Karolina Dean, but her character has a completely different personality. Wiccan is probably the best option.


Psylocke is an interesting case. Her brother Jamie would definitely make an interesting villain in the MCU, and just might be allowed in. Her other brother Brian (Captain Britain) would make an interesting addition as well and most definitely can be used in the MCU. Psylocke herself though, is only really interesting because of her ninja background. While she’s a powerful telekinetic, there are so many other powerful telekinetics in the X-men. She’s mostly known for her martial arts skills. She could very well be replaced by Elektra, set to appear in Daredevil in Season 2.


Just like with Rogue, this one is a little harder given the idea that not many characters have this ability that weren’t specifically built (like the Super Adaptoid) to have the ability and/or aren’t mutants. One option does arise though: Absorbing Man. Absorbing Man can touch items and then mimic their properties. In the comics, this includes energies as well. This ability let him contend with both Thor and the Hulk, so he’s still a very strong character. He was introduced on the second season of Agents of SHIELD and right now, his fate hasn’t been decided whether he’s dead or alive, although most signs point to the idea that he’s alive.


Darwin (who I’m sure most will remember from First Class as “the black guy that died first”) possesses probably one of the greatest mutant abilities of all. Darwin can adapt to whatever condition he’s in. This lets him do basically anything, as long as he requires it. This is the same with the mutant Lifeguard, who I’ll also be incorporating into this particular character. The character in question is the newly introduced Reader. He’s an Inhuman that can create whatever he reads. Because his powers had the potential to be overwhelmingly strong, the Inhumans had his eyes cut out. He can still read Braille though, and he carries Braille cards around, which let him attack using the word featured on the card, like the word ‘fire’ for example, letting him shoot fire. He can basically do anything, as long as he has a card for it, which he can pretty much do for anything.


I included Petra purely because I included Darwin. I don’t think Quake will fill this role, since Quake will heavily be filling the role of Quake in the comics. Instead, I’d recommend someone like the Inhuman Flint.


Crystal could be a fill-in if she only had her magnetic powers. I personally believe Lincoln (from Agents of SHIELD) has the potential for his powers to be greater. I believe his electricity powers are more in line with Victor Mancha from Runaways, who has electromagnetic powers. Talking about Victor Mancha, he could also be a stand-in, having similar powers and also being the child of a supervillain.


Carol Danvers’ Ms Marvel could definitely fill-in for Havok. An Inhuman replacement could be Lash.


Domino has the ability to control probability. Black Cat also had this ability briefly (after the Kingpin gave it to her) and with the recent induction of Spider Man into the Marvel Studios fold, Marvel should be able to use Black Cat in their films. Black Cat also has a personality very similar to Domino and her athletic abilities are only just above Domino’s because of their theatrics. I think Black Cat (especially because of her sometimes good-sometimes bad nature) is an excellent replacement for Domino.


Just like with Domino, Longshot has probability altering powers. Steven Shaffran would probably be off-limits, but Shamrock and The Swell would be fair game


One possible option for a Dazzler stand-in could be Dagger. A more likely option though would be the Inhuman Nur.


Wendall Levie was a character introduced in Agents of SHIELD Season 2, who has an immense understanding of machinery. I personally believe we didn’t get to see enough of Wendall to know the true extent of his abilities, but I believe he’s an Inhuman who will be filling the role of Forge.


Banshee is an Irishman who has a sonic scream which allows him to fly, shatter solid objects and fire blasts of sound, enough to hypnotise or knock out other people. While Black Bolt’s scream would be a viable choice, he wouldn’t fill the role of Banshee purely because Banshee isn’t that big a role. Also, Black Bolt’s whispering voice is still more powerful than Banshee’s scream. In terms of screams at that same level of power and being in control, I’d say Ahura (Black Bolt’s son) or the villainous David Angar (an enemy of Daredevil in the comics) who was introduced in Agents of SHIELD Season 2. He could definitely side with the Inhumans, given he’s already sided with someone who was on the side of the Inhumans.

Multiple Man

Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) can create clones, simple as that. Alisha from Agents of SHIELD is an Inhuman with that exact same ability. While it’s unclear if her clones have separate personalities like Madrox, this is a plot point that could definitely be developed on later in the MCU.


Caliban is mostly known for his ability to detect mutants. Ultra-Girl could fill in for that role. A more visual connection who has the same sort of powers would be the Urn. I’d probably go with Ultra-Girl, because she could be a fill-in for Cerebro as well.



Visually, he could do a lot of what Graviton does. Graviton having been set up in Agents of SHIELD early in Season 1. Ultron does have the same agendas as Magneto, trying to promote the overthrowing of humans. Victor Mancha (Ultron’s son) could control machinery. This would seem to make viable power-wise for the Magneto role, although I feel like that Magneto’s ideals are what make him the X-men’s main enemy. I’d assume someone like Graviton or maybe even Ultron.


Agent 33 (from Agents of SHIELD) may be dead, but her mask might still be a working device. Maybe the mask completely healed all her cells, just like Mystique’s mutation does. Another more slow option would be Jiaying (again from Agents of SHIELD). It’s been suggested that she can heal from anything but will still bear the scars. She could have a shapeshifting ability of sorts by actually patching herself up as someone new, but that’s a bit of a stretch. She could very well be a rogue Skull (if Lyja can be used, her shades of grey gel well with Mystique’s) out to eliminate the remnants of the Kree. She could even be the Spider Man villain Chameleon. Copycat is another character that could use these stand-ins.


Sabretooth is a sadistic savage and from what we’ve heard of him in Agents of SHIELD, John Bruno sounds like a valid replacement. Foxbat is an Inhuman whose powers are somewhat similar to Sabretooth. Leonus is an Inhuman that provides a somewhat visual and power-based similarity to Sabretooth (or at least similar to Sabretooth when Apocalypse forced him to fight Wolverine). Other loosely connected Inhumans include Yeti and Devlor.


To emulate Toad’s jumping abilities and general frog vibe, the Spider Man villain Leap Frog could be a viable stand-in. In terms of Toad’s more toxic abilities, the Spider Man villain Freak could work. The Inhuman Doris could fill in for the amphibious imagery and the idea of long tendons (Toad’s tongue).

Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club themselves could really be a collection of random rich people. Sebastian Shaw himself has more kinetic powers, thus tying him to the Bishop and Gambit stand-ins, like Lash. Emperor Kl’rt has similar abilities, but given his status as a Super Skrull could make him off-bounds. This is a very difficult one.


I really thought an Inhuman would suit this role, so I chose the fairly important Gorgon. I chose him because he wouldn’t fit any other role. He also creates earthquakes and seems to want to do anything to promote the Inhuman agenda, like Avalanche does with mutants.


Visually, although not in a colour sense, Vulcan and Hyperion look somewhat similar. Both have similar powers as well. A simple change in drive for Hyperion and you pretty much have Vulcan. Although the evil brother shtick might suit Maximus better, given his relation to Black Bolt (the Cyclops in this idea).


The Answer has the ability to create the answer to any situation he is presented with. He could definitely be a stand-in for Random


Mojo is an incredibly unique character and the idea of him having a stand-in seems ludicrous, unless the MCU invents a tv producer who wants to jump on the Inhumans craze, which isn’t too far-fetched.


Possible stand-ins for the Juggernaut could be the A-Bomb, who is about as morally flexible as the Juggernaut is in his later appearances, while still being a tank of a character with a head that looks like a helmet (and Skaar comes to mind as well). Orka might work as well. In terms of his more demonic powers, Demogorge could be a viable stand-in. In terms of general look and Inhuman connection, Alaris could be a viable stand-in, although Juggernaut isn’t a mutant in the comics, and that generally adds to his character. Absorbing Man or Stonewall could possibly be a stand-in as well, absorbing some mystical element, possibly Mjolnir.

Black Tom Cassidy

Black Tom Cassidy has powers that one would expect to be fairly common, and for the most part, they are, but some of his abilities are so unique to him that he needs a fill-in. I considered Pete Wisdom, but he might be part of Fox’s characters and he’s generally a heroic character. More in tune with Black Tom’s main powers would be the Inhuman Barrage. His secondary powers and general look (at least briefly) are more in tune with the Inhuman Timberius. Jolen could also be an option, but I personally think Black Tom’s level of importance and strength is that of Plantman.


Inhumans that could fill in for Riptide could be Uber Alles, or possibly even Skybreaker

The Vanisher

In terms of Inhumans, Nebulo could work as well as Naja, although their abilities are more about disappearing than teleporting. The Spiderman villain the Spot (or a similar character, the Daredevil villain Coyote) could definitely work, although the now deceased Gordon from Agents of SHIELD might have been a possibility. Frederick Slade or John Wraith might’ve worked if they wasn’t so heavily tied to the X-men. Portal and Manifold have a good chance of not being part of the Fox deal, but I think Vanisher will end up being the Spot or Coyote (since Gordon is dead)


Pyro can control and manipulate fire, although he cannot produce it. Scorch is dead in the MCU, and he doesn’t look like he’s coming back, so Scorch isn’t really a viable option. Spark is an Inhuman who might be an option, but one Inhuman who stands out as being the perfect stand-in for the Australian mutant is Inferno.

Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike started off in Daredevil, but she’s almost entirely an X-men villain. A good replacement for her abilities would Karla Faye Gideon, as introduced in Agents of SHIELD. The Inhuman Ren Kimura would be the best choice though. Her Japanese origins and control over metallic razors make her an excellent candidate.


I considered the Inhuman Randac for this whole, but it soon became evident that the fill-in could definitely be the Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence pretty much has the abilities of Apocalypse and the powers that he doesn’t have are pretty much covered by its own abilities. The mindset of the Supreme Intelligence is also somewhat similar to Apocalypse in its slight god complex and age.

Mr Sinister

Agon is a corrupt geneticist who is Black Bolt’s father. Sinister is obsessed with genetics and familial ties. He also has always had a connection with Cyclops. At several points in time, he’s almost seemed like an anti-Xavier in his somewhat dark fatherly relationship with the X-men. This idea could be explored with Agon as the father of the Cyclops stand-in, Black Bolt. Another good choice could be the Inhuman Phaeder, father of Maelstrom. This makes perfect sense if Gambit is Maelstrom, given the heavy suggestion that the two are related and one storyline suggesting it was a father-son relationship. Phaeder is also a geneticist who has the same particular interest in cloning that Sinister does.

Reverend Stryker

Really this could be anyone. This role would probably be fulfilled by a new character. Father Lantom is the only priest of note in the MCU but he has shown in the comics that he has sympathy for mutants, so they might not go down that path.


In terms of visuals, Sumo can provide that, although in terms of abilities. A massively underpowered Blob fill-in could also be the Agents of SHIELD character Francis Noche, while Graviton (who has a variation of Blob’s abilities) has been suggested to appear soon in Agents of SHIELD (although maybe those plans were ditched). The closest possibility is Butterball, who is a slightly chubby kid with immortality. He’s basically a more heroic, less fat version of Blob.

The Brood

The Brood can pretty much be replaced by any other alien race. I suggest them being Kree deviants if anything. They’re immensely similar to Xenomorphs and that’s probably where audience will see the resemblance, but I don’t think the idea of the Brood will be a problem, especially since they probably won’t be used very soon on either fronts.

Bolivar Trask and his Sentinels

Any inventor will do. I think the Mad Thinker might be a good replacement if he isn’t part of the Fantastic Four bundle (which I think he might be). Another surprising pick could be Tony Stark, trying to eliminate the new threat to the world of the Inhumans rising. Since the threat is worldwide, he'd think the Avengers aren't enough to deal with them. We've already seen his Iron Legion. It could be an interesting development.

Senator Kelly

Any senator will do. Senator Sterns has shown to have an attitude towards things that aren’t directly related to him (which could translate to Inhumans), while Senator Ward seemed to have a secret malice, although he’s dead now, so that doesn’t matter.

So, what did you think of these ideas? Did they make any sense? Which was your favourite? Do you want me to include other characters? Let’s have a discussion in the comments! I’d love to hear what you all have to say, considering the fact that this took me a while ( compiling over 60 characters, plus more to come, that I felt were relevant, and finding suitable replacements in a way that let them connect).

Thanks for reading!


What did you think of these suggestions?


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