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Let's be real here, this movie was not going to please viewers. It comes as no surprise that shortly after this movie was announced, it was announced that Netflix was going to be making a spin-off of the show, Fuller House. If the actors weren't so obviously against the making of this film, I would have thought this was all a publicity stunt to get people excited about the new show coming.

This movie was really quite insulting to all those who participated in the actual show, with no real storyline to go off of. None of the scenes really connected, there was just a little text appearing on the screen to let us know what the time frame is supposed to be. It really doesn't give attention to any one of the characters, though a big chunk of the time is spent on Bob Saget and his family, but that really just adds up to his wife giving him resentful stares and that's it.

Looking at the show, however, there really isn't a lot going on there either. Sure, it started off rocky and then grew momentum. It also ended while it was still doing really well so it went off on a high note. However, it had titles such as "When Grandmother Comes to Town", "Granny Tanny" and "They Call It Puppy Love". I think the biggest challenge was when DJ didn't drink, twice, but was around people who did. Or when DJ didn't sleep with Steve but they thought she might since he had his own place.

It was wholesome and about family, but was as fake as TV can get...and it lasted 8 seasons.

So does Fuller House really have a place in this day and age? Maybe, but it might just be for the nostalgia factor. With the plot being taken right out of Full House, it really is a wonder if people will stick around even just for the pure "Oh I get what they're referencing here" factor.

With how poorly the Unauthorized story was received, I can't help but wonder how the new show will fair. But if Stamos is attached, you know there will be fan girls "everywhere you look".


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