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The ultimate fangirl - spends most nights watching back-to-back old Buffy episosdes and complaining about being tired for work the next day.
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You might know her best as a Suicide Girl (from the popular website of the same name) but soon enough you’ll likely know New Zealand born Pandie Suicide as one of the most in-demand names in horror! The multi-talented model/actor/writer – who you’ll also recognize from David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time music video, as well as numerous other music videos- tells Movie Pilot about her latest project, Massacre, based on her own script (which itself was based on a vivid dream).

We know you best as a Suicide Girl. When did you begin with them?

I became a Suicide Girl a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away in a little place known as New Zealand. I believe the year was 2005 when my first official photo set went live at and made me an official Suicide Girl. There were no other SG's in New Zealand at the time, and there still aren't too many of us today. It's been a long and rewarding career as an SG and some of my best friends are Suicide Girls. I wouldn't trade my experience with the site for the world.

You wear many hats, what do you consider yourself first and foremost?

It's hard to say really. Part of me wants to say I consider myself a writer and creator first and foremost because that’s where I feel everything came from. But it all ties in together. Acting, modelling, writing, producing, everything. But right now I am really focusing on my career as an actor and really also focusing on creating, writing and producing my own projects such as my short horror flick 'MASSACRE', a feature I'm developing based on that short, another horror short titled 'Blood Bath', and a TV show I'm developing called 'Teeth.'

You began as a journalist I believe? When and how did that come about?

I have worked as a music journalist for quite a while, though I am currently taking a hiatus from it as I have so much going on with my own projects and acting in others'! It really all began though in High School, perhaps even earlier. I have always been a writer, for as long as I can remember being alive. I know that sounds strange but it's something that's always been innately there, a drive to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and let the words flow. On top of that I've always had a passion for music, my father owned a record store as I was growing up and raised me on Bowie, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Bauhaus, Sabbath. I took a journalism class in high school and began writing for the school magazine and also for a couple of national magazines aimed at people of high school age. That continued on into my time at university where I obtained a bachelors Degree in Media Studies, and when I moved to Los Angeles, California and began writing and hosting interviews etc for different sites and publications such as Barebones Music and Press Pass LA. I also had a little stint co-hosting on the awesome punk rock radio show 'Poor Kids Radio.'

Photo Credit : Cris Jan Lim
Photo Credit : Cris Jan Lim

Did you intentionally change gears into acting and modelling?

It was somewhat of a conscious decision to focus more on acting, modelling and creating my own projects more recently but all these different careers and different 'hats' sort of intertwined themselves all throughout my life. I have always just done everything because I'm just so interested in it all.

You recently had the opportunity to work with David Lynch, I believe?

I had the opportunity to work with the amazing David Lynch a while back on his music video 'Crazy Clown Time. It was a wonderful and surreal experience. We shot at a house at night and I was laying in the grass with a mustachioed gentleman while Mr Lynch leaned over with his camera and sang his own tune to us, with us, out of time, in time and we sang while he filmed. The final video is so interesting and dark and strange and goes with the song so perfectly I love it.

For the video I actually got called out of the blue by his casting director for the shoot, I'm not too sure how he found me but when he asked if I was available to shoot a David Lynch video I was of course completely stoked being a huge fan of Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, and basically his entire catalogue. A few days after we shot that video I got another call from the same casting director asking me to come in and audition for another David Lynch project. I did audition, and it was a very interesting role which I won't go into too much detail about, and the casting director called after to tell me I booked the role, but then I never heard from them again. I think the project got axed because I didn't see anything about it. I would love to get involved with his new Twin Peaks, I can't wait to see what magic he does with it.

Pandie in the David Lynch music video
Pandie in the David Lynch music video

You have the lead role in Massacre, which you also wrote, what inspired the story?

The story for Massacre came to me in a dream. I woke up with the thought and these images in my head - imagine if you woke up and everyone was dead. What would you do? What if you couldn't remember what happened? That's exactly the story of Massacre - a girl wakes up at the site of a bloody mass murder and can't remember what happened. I play Marianne James, a blonde with no tattoos which is unusual for me and was a lot of fun. The film co-stars some amazing actors/ rockstars - London May who is the bass player/ drummer of Glenn Danzig's band 'Samhain' - he plays the Detective, and Billy Morrison who plays guitar for Billy Idol - he plays the Paramedic. Jeordie White who plays in the band Marilyn Manson, among others, and Rob Patterson who previously played guitar for Korn and Filter also make a cameo in the film and co-scored it. I was really lucky to have such a great cast and crew to work with - Erik Boccio directed it, he is amazing to work with, He directed the band Pussy Riot's video for 'Putin Lights Up the Fires' and is a very prolific director on the site under the moniker 'Weirdfellas.'

Is Marianne anything like you?

I think Marianne is my subconscious exploring a lot of things that are really not like me, but at the same time I created her, whether consciously or not, so there definitely must be some parallels in there. I won't say which though!

Who has the more tattoos – you or co-star Billy Morrison?

It's hard to tell! Billy has a lot of amazing tattoos. I think it'd be pretty close but he would probably win. I have some more planned for the future though so we'll see! We both play very non-tattooed looking characters in the film. It was amazing just how different Billy looked when we dressed him up as a Paramedic. I mean literally three people who have known him for a very long time, including one that was even in a band with him (Rob Patterson) didn't even recognize him and walked straight past him on set! It was hilarious! Billy did a really good job of getting under the skin of the character and really gave the role everything it needed.

How important has the internet been as a marketing tool for your projects but also yourself?

The internet is an amazing marketing tool for anyone I think, but especially for me it has been a great help. To live in this digital age is a truly amazing thing. My friends and followers on Twitter and Instagram (both @pandiesuicide in case you were wondering!), as well as on have been so supportive and helpful with helping me get my vision to life and to push it out into the universe.

Looks like you have a busy 2015 coming up!?

Definitely, the remainder of 2015 is looking incredibly busy and for that I am very grateful and excited! I have my own projects 'Blood Bath', 'Teeth', and the feature version of Massacre to work on to start with. I also have a small upcoming role in a great female horror director friend of mine Ama Lea's debut feature 'Sweethearts' which I am also excited about and lots of other music video, film and TV so it's going to be a busy one for sure!


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