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I honestly think that this was a fantastic movie, the cinematography was great, the different plots with the different main characters was great, the morphing plot lines of the different characters was great, the CGI was great, and most importantly the dinosaurs and their new, modern behaviors within the movie are great.

I rate movies on a scale of 10, with 3 different categories; Cinematography, the Plot, and Other Factors. Cinematography is 3 points, the Plot is 4 points, and Other Factors can be any number. The point of the Other Factors category is to judge the special parts of a movie, which after all, is what makes a movie good or bad. A bland movie with excellent cinematography and a flawless plot line without any twists or special factors will only earn a 7/10.

Now, to Jurassic World. I'm going to start off with the Plot. Basically, a new dinosaur that isn't taken seriously manages to escape its containment and terrorizes an island full of people. I'll judge this based on the history of the entire series of Jurassic Park movies, because the characters in Jurassic World constantly makes references to the past 3 films. First of all, the screenwriters did an amazing job bringing out the personalities and abilities of each character (and dinosaur), as well as threshing out the details and extent of every dinosaur such that they can come together in the end. There are some flaws, by the way:

1. Simon Masrani is a horrible helicopter pilot. In one scene, Claire rides in the helicopter that he is piloting, as well as Masrani's flight instructor. When they land at the site of the Indominus Rex containment field, the flight instructor threw up, and Claire seemed fine. Claire is a person who wouldn't really ride a helicopter often, she's more of an officer worker and administrator. On the other hand, the flight instructor basically flies alongside bad chopper pilots all the time. How in the world is it reasonable that Claire wouldn't vomit when the flight instructor would?

2. When prompted why the Indominus Rex managed to deter thermal heat sensors, Dr. Wu said that they took the DNA from a tree frog and put it into the genome of the Indominus during zygote stages. Considering that the containment structure is built to withstand something tougher than T-Rex, it would be logical that all sensors would be sensitive enough to detect any sign of life. If we assume that the sensors are made in China, it would still be improbable that the Indominus would be able to deter them. Why? Taking into account the average temperature of Costa Rica (80 degrees Farenheit), because tree frogs are amphibious creatures, and adjust to the climate, but still can control their body temperature, it would be dangerous to adjust one's body temperature that low. Any animal with body temperature at below 80 degrees while living in tropical climate won't survive. And how would the Indominus be able to get around heat sensors? It doesn't even know that they exist.

3. Zach and Grey find the visitor center from the first Jurassic movie, meaning that this park was built on the same island that John Hammond's was. How'd the people of any corporation look for THIS island to build another park on, and why would they do that after the events in the first Jurassic Park movie? Also, after the security system went amok, weren't all the dinosaurs from the very first attraction set free? Did all the dinosaurs from the first movie die off? I'm pretty sure they have a larger life span than 22 years.

4. In Jurassic Park 2, we learn about the existence of a second vicinity, Isla Sorna, where the dinosaurs were bred and then transported over to the park on Isla Nublar. And John Hammond explains that they are incredibly close together. Is it really safe to build another park on Isla Nublar when a uncontrollable monster-filled island exists a few miles away?

5. The Indominus Rex is a huge troll. In her cage with 40 foot high walls, she avoids the thermal sensors and makes a bunch of scratch marks on the wall to make it seem that she crawled out, which begs the question: If she is capable of reaching climbing her way out, why didn't she just climb her way out? Did she want to explain to the audience how smart she was? I think she wanted to explain to the audience how smart she was.

6. Considering that the T-Rex is a merciless killing machine, we should know that it's attraction is placed a little farther away from the visitor center at Jurassic World. During the final battle, Claire runs all the way to one of the farthest places, gets the T-Rex (which doesn't immediately eat her for some reason), and goes all the way back in what amounts to 2 minutes of movie time, IN HIGH HEELS? The f*ck outta here!

7. Whilst observing the Indominus Rex with Claire, Masrani suggests bringing in Owen (Chris Pratt's character) because he wants him to give out his thoughts on the attraction, thinking that Owen knows more about this thing than anyone else. But when Owen says things like "evacuate the island", "those men are going to die", and "probably not a good idea", Masrani couldn't care less.

8. Why all the goddamn music during the final battle? You want the audience to be on the edge of their seats, eager to feel what happens, with small scares here and there, you don't want them to relax into their chair because there is constant noise! Geez! Why?! The final fight could've been so much better!

9. Owen has seen machine guns do nothing to the Indominus, but still decides to uselessly shoot at the Indominus during the final fight.

10. Claire's encounter with the T-Rex is strange. First of all, I LOVED her pulling out the flare, making a connection to Ian Malcolm in the first Jurassic Park. Here's where it gets yucky. Claire lights the flare thinking that the T-Rex will follow it. In Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm merely captured its attention, and the T-Rex ran after the person rather than the flare. Therefore, the T-Rex would still be following Claire rather than attacking the flare thrown at the Indominus. This isn't really a huge problem, because I just thought of a solution after writing this down. In addition to the T-Rex following Ian Malcolm rather than the flare, in Jurassic Park 3, the T-Rex was quickly distracted by the huge Spinosaurus and didn't bother with the humans. I wonder if the director thought of this himself. It's gut wrenching perfect.

11. When Claire and Masrani observe the Indominus in the cage, he casually mentions that it can detain heat signatures. A few moments later, when Owen is hiding under a car and douses himself in oil to cover up his scent, the Indominus walks off like a sleaze. If it would detect thermal energy, why didn't it just lift up the car and eat Owen? Not that I wanted it to, Owen's a badass character.


Time to talk about cinematography. The video styles in Jurassic World were quite similar to the first movie, which is actually a smart move because Steven Spielberg's camera techniques worked very well in the first movie. Such as shots from a huge dinosaur trying to get into a vehicle, main character hiding under a vehicle, and lack of shaky cam. Although it wasn't filmed with IMAX cameras, it was an insane experience watching it in IMAX.

The different frames alone captured stunning moments, instead of boring and repeatedly used pictures. You would freeze the movie at any moment and think that the frame on the screen is cool. The different attractions were thought up ingeniously, like the bird's eye view of the Mosesaurus eating the shark, the dinosaur to bird reference, and the view of the long-necked dinosaurs from a human's point of view, without exposing the entire body, unless the character is positioned at a far enough place. The camera angles are manipulated to emphasize the size of the dinosaurs as well as making the dinosaurs appear as their bones appear to be. The movie gives a sense of reality with its human point of view, as if we're in the movie ourselves.

Sound editing is full immersive and fantastic. The dinosaur noises are reasonable and unique, not in anyway similar to ordinary animals.


Other Factors:

- Lack of jumpscares (-1)

- Chris Pratt (+1)

- Anthropomorphism of Velociraptors (+1)

- Bryce Dallas Howard's bewbs (+1)

- Bryce Dallas Howard's acting (-1)

- A bunch of references to the original Jurassic Park (+2)

- Indominus Rex appearance and badassery (+1)

- Magic relocation of the Mosesaurus attraction during the final battle (-1)

- T-Rex and Indominus Rex battle (+1)

- Convenient meeting of main characters and Indominus Rex (-1)

- Amazing handling of plot lines and character development (+2)




I loved this movie, and I would watch it again. :')


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