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I think the 2015 Cinderella film is the best one yet, and I probably would rank it above the original Disney animation, because a.) its more realistic, b.) there's more humor, and c.) honestly, the cinematography kicks the animated movie in the butt. And that's hard to do, because you can do anything in the world of animation, whereas you're kinda limited in a live action movie.


Besides the fact that Cinderella had many decent actors and a better thought out plot line, as well as more creative camera styles (although not much above the norm), it appealed to me, the audience. The music and the dialogue was less fairy tale and more realism. Even though the story of Cinderella isn't supposed to really be brought out in a more realistic and logical way, the 2015 film gave the story more flavor and more stuff the audience could interact with emotionally. For example:

The forest hunt scene, where Ella and the Prince first meet. In the animation, the Prince seeks out Cinderella at the royal ball because she's pretty and has a sparkling dress. This plot detail is flimsy, although authentic and probably realistic. However, in the 2015 film, the director decides to give something to the story to tie up all loose ends by giving the Prince and Ella some dialogue so that the Prince, who meets hot ladies every single day, could look beyond appearance and see real beauty, which is something a man who has never experienced love, could truly be attracted to. Without this scene, the Prince's strange attraction to Ella could be perceived as very weird and unlikely, and could possibly even be compared to Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey (yikes!).

Since we got the upsides out of the way, let's talk about some plot holes. I don't want to make any references to the original Disney animation or the Italian folk tale by Giambattista Basile. So for this one review, all the previous Cinderella stories won't matter. Remember, most of these mistakes are very minor and probably won't contribute to the plot at all, and if you weren't taking notes like I was during the movie, you wouldn't even have noticed them.

1. Judging by the narrator's words, Ella's mother (Agent Carter OMG) caught a contagious disease. In the following scene, she openly hugs her daughter and her husband without any regard for their well being.

2. After obviously hearing Ella's two stepsisters talk smack about Ella, Ella's father still goes through with marrying her, giving no thought to his daughter. That is common sense.

3. They named the cat "Lucifer"? The f*ck? Not only is he named after the devil, he's also stupid. He never attacks the mice unless Ella is there to stop him, he bangs his head after going after a few mice under a drawer, and he acts like Garfield.

4. at 18:33, Cinderella literally dips her finger into a pot of boiling water and doesn't run off screaming in pain.

5. It takes 25% of the movie's runtime for Ella's father to die. In the original, that was literally said in the introductory narration. (I know I said I wouldn't make references to the original film, but this is America, and I can do whatever I want, especially online. >:] )

6. Throughout the movie, we see about 10-20 or so servants working in Ella's house when her father is still alive. And then the movie just tell us that Ella managed to work all those jobs and keep the house alive and have time to sew dresses and sleep and whatnot? The f*ck outta here!

7. Prince Charming isn't blonde. This is actually a good thing.

8. In a medieval world, women cannot own land. So the evil stepmother has no power here.

9. Cinderella dances with the Prince, and then afterwards, with everyone else, synchronized, without a single rehearsal. I love this movie, and I loved the dancing scene, but I had to say it and ruin the moment.

10. It takes FOREVER for the last bell of midnight to chime. When it first starts, we see Cinderella and the Prince in a garden, which I would assume is very very far from the entrance, because we see that the ballroom is between the entrance and said garden. But after Ella panics from the 12:00 bell, she manages to run from the garden all the way to the entrance and out of the castle walls before the arm ticks 12:01. Which meant she ran all the way across the castle, and exited the castle in her carriage in the time span of one minute, IN HEELS? Bruhhh



As stated earlier, the camera angles and styles were much better than the older movies. Despite this, the cinematography of this movie could not compare to movies like Tomorrowland and others. The CGI was so-so, and honestly, I was chuckling at every single time Fairy Godmother turned something into something else because the special effects were so half-assed. Even so, this Cinderella movie did an excellent job as portraying Cinderella, and every aspect of the movie works towards an advantage.



Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother (+1)

Lucifer (-1)

Plot fluidity (+1)

Timing of major events (-1)

Cate Blanchett's acting (+2)

Tights (-1)

Lily James in the Cinderella dress (hubba hubba) (+2)

Evil stepmother doesn't recognize Cinderella (-1)

Wedding scene is cliche as hell (-1)

Prince finding Ella at the end scene is just too damn cute (+1)


Cinderella (2015) FINAL RATING: 7/10


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