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Ohh nooooo a badass group from the Bond world... it's easier to get in than you think because come on if you got the 3 abilities they are sorely lacking... who wouldn't want you?!?!? But let's get to the fun of HOW EASY it is...

1) Ezio Assassination Skills

Not only is he my favorite Assassin, he is a complete badass...from killing the Pope...TWICE... to pretty much doing whatever he wants and rebuilding a town, Ezio is the best for assassination missions.

2) Roronoa Zoro Sword Skills

The World's Strongest Swordsman has unbelievable skills with swords and being a master of 4 sword styles kind of helps on the low key missions because katanas arent as noisy as gun but twice as much fun ;)

3) Deadpool abilities (all of them)

Increased healing factor? CHECK

Basic immortality? CHECK

Weapons Master? CHECK

Sarcastic wit and puns? CHECK

What else could you need?...Chimichangas!!!


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