ByMaria-jane Blum, writer at

My Mission- To Save all Animals from harm all around the world!

My Abilities-

Ability 1- To Heal The injured ( castiel - Supernatural)

I would Like the ability to heal others, Including animals. This way if an animal is already hurt it won't last because i will be able to fix what is wrong without the need of surgery.

Ability 2- Super speed- Quicksilver- Marvel

I would love to Have super speed! this would help me to Catch the baddies no matter how far ahead they get. I would also be able catch up to wounded animals and treat them faster. I will also be able to reach anyone anywhere at any time.

Ability 3- Animal Shape-shifting Beast-boy

I would like to be able to transform into any animal because that would make them more comfortable with me when i approach them. I will also be able to communicate with them to find out who did this to them and what is wrong with them.


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