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So, if you're as big a fan of Futurama as I am you'll have no doubt been waiting for years for there to be a live-action feature film of the franchise. Sadly it hasn't happened yet... There may be talks going on, I wouldn't know. I sure hope there are and in the meantime I've come up with some actors and actresses I'd love to to see taking the Planet Express ship out for a spin on the big screen..!

Starting off, of course, with our trio of heroes.. and kicking it off with the man outta time himself...

Phillip J. FRY


Phillip Fry was a 20-something year old guy when he was frozen in a cryo-chamber on New Years Eve, 1999. As a result he ends up frozen for 1000 years awaking in the year 3000, we all know the story. So my guess is if they ever do a live-action film it will be set somewhere in the present day only 1000 years ahead, so for example if they were going to commission a movie in 2016 the film would take place in 3016. So I'd have to guess Fry would be a bit older, closer the late 30's by now perhaps..?

Who Should Play Him...

Zach Braff

If his lack of chin doesn't say it all I don't know what will. The 40 year old actor we all know and love from TV's Scrubs. He's a fine actor, as proven from his 8/9 years on the show, plus films like Garden State have shown he can not only be a funny guy, but can also play deeply thoughtful and serious characters. He's older but he could still pull off the look of a guy anywhere as young as 35 easily, I'd say.

He's got the right look for Phillip, with his odd-ish nose and big eyes, not to mention the semi-overbite-ish lack of chin..! He's the perfect candidate for the role in my eyes. Additionally I have chosen someone to play the younger or teenage Fry we see in the past...

Jeremy Allen White

He's a damn good actor, to anyone who's seen Shameless USA, you already know this, but he's also been in a few film including the outrageous Movie 43 (which was a total piece of shit if you ask me, but no denying it's outrageous!) Yes, White would be a superb choice to take on the character of young Phillip, especially seeing as he's already a Phi-"Lip" Gallagher on TV currently..!
Do you agree with these decision?


Which of these guys would be the right for Fry?

Next up..

BENDER B. Rodriguez

Bender is Great! Oh Bender is Great!
Bender is Great! Oh Bender is Great!

Of course who cold forget the shiny metal ass attached to this self-loving man of steel? Bender Bending Rodriguez is the Planet Express crews chief of mayhem and main chef. He's an inhuman bag of bolts and faulty wiring, but does that mean we don't love him? HELL NO! Beat it chump!

Who Should Play Him...

Why not the Iron Man?
Why not the Iron Man?

OK, Sure being the year 2015 and seeing how far movies have come (just in the last 15 years alone even) we would no doubt expect to see a robotic, or at best a CGI Bender for a big screen exploit, but that doesn't mean you can't ladle in a few big stars for good measure, this is Futurama we're talking about..!

Of course, the Iron Man himself would be acting most-likely in a green screen and a silly suit, but that's nothing new to him I'm sure... Plus a huge name like his would most certainly put arses in theater seats quick as a whip..!

Now, naturally, he's a busy man being tied to the MCU currently but if he could put some time aside I'd really like to see this egotistical genius as the ego-maniac Bender. What do you guys think, could he pull it off or not?

Additional; If RDJ is unavailable a CGI Bender with John DiMaggio would suit me just as well...


But which would you rather see on screen?

And the third is the bird..

Turanga LEELA

This one of course is always the toughest for me, I have to think "Who is a good actress who would look good with one eye and can kick-ass..?" I've been through a list of maybe 30+ in the past. My number 1 choice is still Angelina Jolie, but that might be reaching a bit too far, but hey I put RDJ on there so what the hell...

#1. Angelina Jolie

But I am going to give maybe 3 options for this one. I don't think this needs much, if any explaining, so on we go...

#2. Leena Headey

Known for her c*nt of a character on Game of Thrones, and it sure seems like all the work she does is drenched in dark and serious under (and over) tones; 300, The Purge, Dredd, The Brother's Grimm, there appears to be something of a pattern going on... But just once I'd like to see her play a good character in a sci-fi, action, comedy set in the year 3000, is that too much to ask??

#3. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Well, we're all aware she can kick ass, from her Slayer days. She's pretty, funny, pretty funny and also another damn fine actress..! She has big and beautiful eyes, nice full lips and a body worth losing a soul over, Just ask Angel... I say she'd fit the bill quite nicely. What say you, think any of these curvy, butt-kickin' babes has what is takes?


Which of these lovely ladies would be best to take on the role of a live-action Turanga Leela?

Additional; For a young/teen Leela I would also throw Chloe Grace Moretz into the mix for past and flash-back Leela scenes. Cause she's just awesome..!

ZAPP Brannigan

The Velour wearing Captain of the Doop (Democratic Order of Planets) is an easy one, only one pick for this one, no one else could pull it off quite like this guy..;

Patrick Warburton, Yeh baby..! It's Kronk! The Tick! Joe from Family Guy and so on! You know he's perfect to play Zapp Brannigan, I know he's perfect to play Zapp Brannigan, so why are we still discussing it? I mean just look at the peroxide doo he was rocking In Underdog back in 2007!

Conversation over I think... Next!

KIFF Krocker

Now, again with this one I have several options for you to agree or disagree upon... First up, the one I'm probably gonna get the most shit for, but what the heck, here goes!

Seth Green, what can you say, you either love him or hate him, Me, I'm kinda indifferent I mean I can sit an enjoy him in an episode of Buffy but then I listen to the irritating voice he does for Chris in Family Guy and I want to hang myself with a piano wire... Could just be me.. But he has proved that he can act and be funny in he past, also he's quite good at playing the 'meek' characters and guys who get over-shadowed and such so that's what he's doing on the list here, for those who have to ask... Next!

DJ Qualls, this guy right here! Sure we were probably all deep down hoping he'd join The Avengers as the new Spidey but no such luck, so here's a role he'd be perfectly fit for (and not just physically). All his dorky roles of the past; The New Guy, Road Trip, etc, he's got the meekness down to a freakin' T..! He's a funny dude and would contrast really well being the Kiff to Pat Warburton's Zapp...

And #3. Johnny Depp (the longest of shots)

So, he's older than Warburton for a start so that could bring a funny dynamic to the duo. As I say, it's a very long shot but we all know Depp has a knack for excellent character acting, and he can pull some outstanding voices, including the meek, stuttering, wimpy little fellow that comes out for a role like this. It's a million to one shot he would agree, but I say it would totally work..!


Which of these three would be the best Kiff?

And that concludes Part 1. Hope you enjoyed this and if you did feel free to comment below, share your own ideas of who you'd like to see play some of your favorite characters and keep an eye out for part two over this and next week. May even go on to make a 3rd part. We'll see...

Thanks for reading!


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