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FOX has had a very unique relationship with their superhero films. It started off on a positive, with FOX owning the cinematic rights to Marvel's X-Men and releasing the film 'X-Men' in 2000. A combination of great acting, casting and relevance to source material kickstarted a franchise that is still a success today.

However FOX released one film three years later that gave them, and still to this day gives them, a bad imprint amongst the comic-book-movie-fan community. This was 2003's Daredevil. A film that raked in such negative criticism, that Marvel produced a Netflix series twelve years later (most probably) for people to forget about it.

Even with FOX knowing Daredevil failed amongst critics, they still decided to go ahead and produce an Elektra spin-off to the 2003 film two years after it's release. Although, FOX somewhat got back onto it's feet with the release of the second Fantastic Four film, in 2005. Although FOX had the wonderful X-Men franchise to suppress their bad releases, the franchise itself now seems to be making a strange turn around. With Hugh Jackman retiring as Wolverine, the [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) storyline becoming more implemented within the X-Men's universe and with some of the original cast staring in less X-Men films because of the new storyline, this all signals something completely new for the X-Men as opposed to an end.

So where does Deadpool fit into this cycle of good films and bad films? It's simple, he doesn't. Deadpool to FOX was a unique character, having rights to the X-Men meant FOX also had rights to Deadpool, although didn't utilise these rights until 2013's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His cinematic debut showed him in a way the comics hadn't presented him, during his time in the Weapon X programme. With swords-hands, laser eyes and a stitched mouth for the 'Merc With A Mouth' this wasn't the Deadpool fans needed, or deserved. Although in 2014, to quote Ryan Reynolds, "some asshole" uploaded test footage for a Deadpool that had fans questioning what the producers didn't take from the source material. A year on and we have a feature-length Deadpool film, a trailer and a release date (Februrary 12th 2016).

FOX has made a film that feels like a true comic-book film for die-hard and new fans of Deadpool alike, as opposed to films that give a vague knowledge of a franchise to go forth with, the mistake 2003's Daredevil and both Fantastic Four films made.

My person plea to FOX is simple. The Fantastic 4 was a flop, it had two terrible opening weekends, even more terrible reviews and overall wasn't a good enough film to justify where the awesome foursome stood in the comics. So instead of giving it a sequel, knowing fans didn't like it both before, during and after it's release, why not give that sequel to Deadpool? Everything we've seen of Deadpool has an incredible amount of positivity, as opposed to preliminary scepticism with reboots such as FANT4STIC and spin-offs like Elektra. It's a very simple switch, and although against FOX's idea to keep on slewing new films that keep on getting positive, negative and mixed criticism, it would make FOX a better company for superhero fans and in a way 'reboot' the company itself. Now wouldn't that be a coincidence?


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